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growing cannabis with t8 fluorescent lights

However, for seedlings that love sun or light, you should have their grow light at least 1 foot above the plants. T8 bulb of 48 inches should be left on for around 22 to 28 hours daily.

Growing vegetables indoors with T8 fluorescent lights will offer your veggies lots of benefits.

Choosing the right lighting source for your indoor garden will determine how well your plant flourishes and yield a good harvest. Be it flowers, vegetables, etc, you should know the right type of grow light for your various plants.

1. Monios-L T8 LED Grow Light 2FT, 144W(6×24W) High Output Plant Grow Light Strip

T8 light can as well be used on germinating seeds or growing seedlings. Just ensure you place your grow light in the right position as young seedlings will require less light intensity. It is when they begin to grow well and strong the light fixtures can be increased.

Commencing hydroponic indoor gardening will require some good planning. Choosing the appropriate grow light is an important factor to consider in indoor gardening. Using T8 fluorescent lights when it comes to growing with hydroponics is a great option as it will provide optimal lighting for your plants’ growth.

We will be discussing growing with T8 fluorescent lights and see how they affect the growth of your plants. So, read on to find out.


T8 fluorescent lights have been in existence for a long and they have been used in an indoor hydroponics garden.

T8 grow light is made of tubular style with a 1-inch diameter. They are energy efficient and they are mainly used for seedlings, veggies, cuttings or cloning, and flowering. T8 grow light can also be easily interchanged with older types of fluorescent light.

Growing cannabis with t8 fluorescent lights

Establishing the space where you will grow your plants is crucial. Many strains can thrive outdoors, but most cultivators opt for indoor set-ups where they can control the temperature and light thoroughly. Since marijuana strains can be picky and sometimes require different conditions at different growth stages, indoor growing can provide you with the highest yield – if you do it right.

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