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growing marijuana in apartment

Wegbreit said that doesn’t necessarily mean tenants won’t be able to take advantage of marijuana legalization in other ways.

“If the lease specifically bans smoking, then the court would enforce such a lease provision but that doesn’t necessarily allow the landlord to evict for simple possession and as we know marijuana can be ingested in a number of ways, including edibles,” Wegbreit said.

Virginians can legally use marijuana and grow a limited number of plants in private.

Jones suspects this would generally be allowed in apartment communities but he advises tenants to check with their landlord first.

The law generally allows adults 21 and older to have up to an ounce of marijuana in public but it continues to ban public use.

While cannabis is legal in Canada, cannabis use may be restricted in condos (owned and rented), apartments and rental homes.

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For renters, landlords and condo owners:


Occupants and condo owners should: