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growing marijuana in containers

Growing marijuana in containers

Each container size has limitations based on the final size of the plant. For example, a small container will not withstand the increased size of the root system at eight weeks of growth. However, that same container is perfect for a crop only growing one to three weeks in the vegetative phase.

Container Options – Pros & Cons

For a field container, the plant will be in a container longer than those grown in a more controlled environment. We recommend a container 5-gallons or larger to prevent the roots from becoming root bound for crops with longer than six weeks of vegetative growth.


Bottom line – if you’re looking for a super-strong, super-durable resin container you can use outdoors, again and again, injection containers are your choice.

Growing marijuana in containers

There are also other types, but these are the most common. Growers these days tend to opt for plastic or fabric containers. The fabric option is a little better for a larger growing operation, but plastic plant pots are cheap and easy to find.

Container gardening is a good method of growing cannabis for cultivators lacking space and novices. It isn’t remarkably challenging to run a container garden, but you know what they say: Practice makes perfect!

Choose the Right Pot and Growing Medium

Remember that Your Pots Are Portable! One of the beauties of container gardening is that you can move the pots around. They don’t have to stay on the windowsill forever! If parts of your house get different temperatures and drafts than others, consider moving the containers around occasionally. This simple step could increase your final yield.

It is a method of cultivating plants that involves a container. You fill the container with your preferred growing medium. Then you put the seeds into the medium and care for the plant until it flourishes.

Some Final Tips on Container Gardening Cannabis

Indoor growing requires some special know-how. You must know how to control the lighting and temperature so that your cannabis plant thrives. You also have to deliver the right nutrients.