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growing marijuana in massachusetts laws

Lower Risk of Electrical Fires

Visit for more information on growing marijuana and making marijuana products at home.

When making edibles at home, such as cannabis-infused beverages or baked goods, it can be challenging to distribute cannabis evenly throughout a product. This can make it difficult to control potency and dosage of the edible.

Responsible Home Cultivation

Growing cannabis plants indoors often requires high-powered lamps, temperature controls, and expanded levels of ventilation which can overload electrical circuits and cause fires. To lower your risk of electrical fires, consult a licensed electrician to ensure you are following all relevant fire codes.

It’s illegal to drive across state lines with any kind of medical marijuana product. It’s also against the law to transport it on a plane, train, boat, or other mode of transportation outside of Massachusetts.

Employers, landlords, cities, and towns may have their own policies governing the use of marijuana.

Conditions approved for medical marijuana in Massachusetts include:

You cannot use medical marijuana in any form—including smoking, vaping, or eating—in public places or on federal land.

You cannot use cannabis in any form—including smoking, vaping, or eating—in public places or on federal land.

It’s illegal to consume medical marijuana in public.

Qualifying Patients over 18 years of age must be approved by a physician and certified by the state before being legally allowed to possess up to a 60-day supply of marijuana. Learn more

Growing marijuana in massachusetts laws

In Massachusetts, marijuana can be legally smoked and possessed but when it comes to growing the plant, there’s a legal limit. A limit that was well surpassed when Belchertown police and fire discovered a growing operation of more than 800 marijuana plants inside a Belchertown home on Monday night.

Cannabis Fire Safety

Can Hui Wu (L) and Huoqiu Wu (R) (Photos provided by Belchertown Police Department)

The two men who were arrested were arraigned in Eastern Hampshire Court Tuesday morning and will have a pre-trial conference on February 12.