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growing weed in alberta

Check with your housing agreements and bylaws for information on safe and legal cannabis home growing.

Cannabis laws are different in each province and territory in Canada. Differences include legal age, locations where cannabis can be sold and consumed, and possession limits.

How can I store my cannabis?

When travelling in Canada, it is your responsibility to understand and follow local laws. Check out provincial and territorial websites for more details:

What are the limitations on transporting cannabis?

Passed An Act to Control and Regulate Cannabis on Nov. 30, 2017 to allow AGLC to manage the oversight and distribution of cannabis and establish provincial offences related to youth possession and the use of cannabis in public and cars.

The framework was developed following extensive engagement with Albertans and stakeholders.

Licensed and prepared for cannabis retail.

Yes, cannabis is legal in Alberta, but:

Alberta’s framework

For healthcare professionals:

Passed the Gaming and Liquor Statutes Amendment Act on May 30, 2018 to clarify rules for enforcement.

Cannabis is legal across Canada. Find out what it means for Albertans.

Know the rules

For property owners, landlords and tenants:

The Alberta Cannabis Framework outlines the 4 policy priorities for cannabis legalization in our province: