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growing weed in apartment

Growing weed in apartment

Breaking a lease isn’t going to land you in jail or anything, but losing your place to live sucks.

Am I Allowed to Grow in my Apartment?

The next step up from a closet is going to be a grow tent.


But, does that mean we can grow in apartments?

Growing weed in apartment

A grow tent is a popular choice for many growers. Grow tents are relatively affordable, easy to set up, and provide a self-contained space where you can give your plants the right amount of pest protection, light, air flow, water, and nutrients. It also eliminates light leaks.

Growing weed in your balcony can be done but is much riskier and not recommended if you want to keep your grow hidden from nosy neighbors and landlords.

If you’re planning to grow pot in your apartment, choosing low-smell strains can ensure you have a lower risk of getting caught growing marijuana and disturbing your neighbors.



Soundproofing your grow room, grow box, or growing space is a critical aspect of keeping your garden noise-free and unobtrusive.


In your rental agreement, there may be a provision that prohibits modifications to the rental property, including changing light fixtures or installing exhaust systems through the wall.

Setting up an exhaust system with an activated carbon filter can significantly reduce the odor of your apartment’s grow room. An exhaust fan pulls stale air from your grow room or grow tent environment and passes it through a carbon filter to trap the odor.