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growing weed in canberra

Growing weed in canberra

The public cannot access your cannabis plants. It is recommended to plant and grow your plants in the backyard, and they need to be secured by a fence and or gate.


Growing Cannabis In Canberra

Answer: It is still illegal to give and sell cannabis. You cannot gift marijuana to any friends or family. It is an offence to sell or share any cannabis, including plants and seeds with anyone.

Cannabis laws are changing fast and we make sure that all of our content is up-to-date, but we always recommend checking your local government’s website to understand what is legal and illegal.

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As of 31 January 2020, Canberra is making groundbreaking changes to drug legislation. The first time that Australians will have the support of government to smoke marijuana in their own homes recreationally.

Despite the risks, Mary said returning to conventional medication to treat her chronic conditions was not an option in her mind.

"Right around the world, jurisdictions at the national and sub-national level are having this debate, Australia is at the start of this journey," he said.

Canberrans using cannabis to cope with trauma

He said while it was helpful the ACT's recreational laws were providing some medicinal benefit to people, it was ultimately a Commonwealth responsibility to make further changes to medicinal cannabis laws.

But she soon found Canberra's cool climate unsuitable for a steady supply of the drug and was concerned plants grown outdoors would be stolen.

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"It was time to take our power back and grow for ourselves and produce our own medicine at a lower cost in a healthier way," she said.