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growing weed in cape town

Growing weed in cape town

Here in South Africa the summers are perfect for the cultivation of cannabis. Across the country there will be slight differences in climates, so understanding when the weather in your area changes is important.

Provided you have a nice sunny spot and frost is not common in your area during winter, autoflowers can be grown year-round. Being day-neutral means they do not require as much direct sunlight as photoperiods to produce good yields.

Photoperiodic – Feminized:

Autoflowers are sterile, females can not be pollinated by males and you can not get seeds from autoflowers for the next years grow.

Indoor Genetics:

Knowing exactly why you are interested in marijuana will allow you to pick the strains that work best for you.

Growing weed in cape town

The Cheeba Cannabis Academy is the first learning platform dedicated to cannabis education on the African continent. This year, it opened two physical campuses – one in Gauteng and another in Plettenberg Bay in the Western Cape.

Cannabis farming has great potential but prospective growers should be aware of the many legal obstacles that still limit their options

If you have the capital, there is also a big market for medicinal growers. For the medicinal licence you will need an off-take agreement, meaning you will need an international company agreeing to take your product.

The practical side of growing cannabis

For now, opportunities for farmers and producers are on hold unless you import. “The industry is coming online, but until legislation is clarified by the government, it will take some time,” says Birch.