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growing weed in clay pots

Growing weed in clay pots

The more experience you have, the more successful your garden will be. It might take some trial and error, but a few minor mistakes will eventually lead you to a great harvest.

If you are an MMJ cardholder in a legal state, you might have the chance to cultivate cannabis at home. Indoor growing requires planning, however. Ideally, you will only need to dedicate a small space to your plants.

Container gardening is straightforward. You can grow successfully using a few handy tips and tricks. Below, we cover the essentials and provide a step-by-step guide to beginning your cannabis container garden.

Here are some pro tips we have acquired from expert growers:

Some Final Tips on Container Gardening Cannabis

Incidentally, if you’re growing a single plant in a pot indoors, you’ll need a way to catch water drainage. Keep the container on a tray or plate to catch the run-off.

As far as growing the medium goes, many growers opt for soil. Both regular and composted soil works fine. Other growers decide to use a soilless medium like coco coir, but this is typically the preserve of the advanced cultivator.

Sterilize Your Pots Before Reuse: Before you start over again with a new crop, always clean your containers by rinsing and draining them. A bleach solution with a 1:9 ratio of bleach to water can get the job done.

What Is Container Gardening?

At the start of the cannabis plant’s life as a seed, you will need to germinate it. Following this process, you must carefully transplant the germinated seed(s) without breaking the fragile taproot. Place the seed carefully in the soil using a pair of tweezers. At this stage, you should be using a small plant pot – or even a solo cup!

Now that you have everything to hand, it is time to start the marijuana container gardening process.

Growing weed in clay pots

You can add some strains of carefully chosen bacteria or fungi in order to significantly improve the quality of the microbial life of the soil. These bacteria will act in symbiosis with the roots of the plants: microbial life will receive the needed sugars for its development through the nutrients provided by the waterings.

How to enrich the soil before its use?

Clay Pebbles on the bottom of the pots aren?t useful, even if this technique is very frequently used. They reduce the amount of available soil and raise the PH if they aren?t correctly prepared a few weeks before.

Which type of soil should we use for growing marijuana plants?

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Hi Sid, Thanks a lot for your contribution, I had the same problem many years ago and it was also due to small drainage holes. 😉 All the best!