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growing weed in cold garage

Growing weed in cold garage

If you are fed up of having to wait for warmer seasons to grow marijuana, we invite you to continue reading this post, as it will be very useful to improve your winter harvest.

As you can see, it is also possible to grow high-yield cannabis under “unsuitable” conditions. Simply select the seeds carefully and take special care with the plant.

How cold affects marijuana

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The best varieties for cold climates

-Harvest staggered in time: It’s an interesting option, because if there were any unforeseen frost, we would not lose the entire crop, and we will have for longer time marijuana ready to harvest, we will be also able to crop in less space than if we were growing all the seeds at the same time. You should use to do it well an indoor germination and maintenance seedlings under indoor contidions.

Growing weed in cold garage

I covered it with another layer of plastic just because.

And threw the liner that came with the tent in.

So my tent is in an unheated garage with a concrete floor. It’s getting below freezing outside at night and really cold in the garage. Setting the plants on the bottom of the tent isn’t good because they are basically sitting on cold concrete.

I put a floor on the bottom of my tent to keep the plants off of the cold concrete.
I didn’t have any insulating material when I did this but I’m going to get some and use it as well. But for now it’s better than the way it was.

Gotta have a heater. I said it was cold.

I’m still going to put some insulation down under the plywood and then probably a piece of that 1" 4′ x 8′ styrofoam sheeting or whatever it’s called. I’m keeping the tent above 65 F but growing in fabric pots sitting on really cold ground is not good. This should solve that problem.

Two pieces of plywood 2′ x 4′ with the corners cut out so they fit. Insulating material should go in before these.