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growing weed in hanging baskets

but just in case id say it to you have 2 weeds plants in a hanging basket one is nearly 2 foot the other is a little over a foot.
there about 3 to 4 months old and live in a hanging basket but bugs keep landing on them but they dont seem to bother the plant they just seem to sit on it.

Hey peeps, have a problem, think i know what it is and theres nothing i can really do help.

but the leaves on the bottom turned yellow and dies so i cut them of and know the leaves above them are the same the top of the plant is real healthy just the bottom half of the plants arnt great, the seeds were from bag seed def from a sativa variety somewhere across the line but i cant reallly move the plant or anything because its in a hanging basket ill upload pics in a while to give you more of an idea

Growing weed in hanging baskets

"We won’t just go and kick the door down but will pursue other lines of investigation before taking that step."

The property was entered at about 8am following a tip-off from a member of the public.

A Bizarre new cannabis growing method using hanging baskets was discovered during a police raid near Cambridge.

The rooms included a secret bolthole built from wood and plastic, which officers only discovered after a thorough search of the cottage.

Officers yesterday (Thursday, 12 November) swooped on a cottage next to the A14 at Girton and found scores of powerful ‘skunk’ plants in baskets.

Pc Guy said: "This was a great success for the neighbourhood policing team who were given the tip-off from a member of the public which led to the discovery of the plants.

"We would urge landlords, neighbours, postmen and delivery people to keep an eye out for anything suspicious such as homes that always have the curtains drawn which have little activity.

One room had 32 hanging baskets with 13 in another and 30 in the hidden room.

Stunned officers seized more than 70 plants growing in makeshift hanging baskets suspended from ceilings in several rooms.