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growing weed in malaysia

Growing weed in malaysia

Touching on another case, Soffian said the police also managed to take down a cable theft gang by arresting four men and a woman in three separate raids around George Town between March 23 and 25.

GEORGE TOWN, March 31 — Police have arrested a drug dealer for cultivating three cannabis plants from seeds he bought to produce his own cannabis in a raid at a house in Pulau Tikus recently.

Timur Laut district police chief ACP Soffian Santong said the man, 26, was arrested with three pots of cannabis plants placed in the bathroom of the rented terrace house in a raid around 12.10pm on March 23.

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“The leader has 17 previous records relating to criminal and drug offences, and the police are still tracking down gang members who are at large,” he said, adding that all seven men have been remanded and the case would be investigated under Section 379A(1) of the Penal Code.

During the raid, the police also seized 28.5 grams (g) of heroin, syabu (30.38 g) and cannabis (13.63 g) with an estimated value of RM7,360, Sofian said, adding that the police viewed the case seriously as the man was capable of successfully growing cannabis.

“Investigations revealed that the man admitted to trying to plant cannabis after discovering some seeds in a packet of dried cannabis he bought, and he managed to grow three plants from an initial four, which are estimated to be worth RM2,660,” he said at a press conference today.

Seven men, aged 18 to 34, including their leader, a 25-year-old, were arrested during a raid on two houses at around 12.30am. Police also seized three motorcycles believed to be stolen, equipment used for the thefts and motorcycle components believed cannibalised from stolen motorcycles to be sold to unsuspecting buyers.

He said investigations revealed the four men, 30 to 50, would scout the location they intended to hit before actually conducting the theft of the cables, which were then sold at the scrapyard owned by the woman.

Growing weed in malaysia

Previously, the government considered the idea of allowing cannabis cultivation for medical and research purposes, but only on the condition that sufficient evidence on the effectiveness and safety of the substance is proven through formal government channels.

UniMAP is the first public university ever in Malaysia to be doing this kind of research, under strict control of course and will be growing em’ in a 0.8-hectare plot of land at their Institute of Sustainable Agrotechnology (INSAT) in Padang Besar.

There, UniMAP will provide the facilities and land to plant the crops, while MyUS will be building up infrastructure and provide technical resources for R&D and determine the commercial value of hemp as a new economic resource.

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Now before you get too excited, it’s good to know that although hemp is part of the cannabis family tree, it is different from marijuana.

The research project was now in the process of getting government approval to import hemp seeds.

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MyUS is said to be a leading company working with the government to cultivate and produce hemp-based products in Malaysia.

Now back to Perlis and cannabis.

Malaysia’s Dangerous Drugs Act 1952, however, does not differentiate hemp from marijuana and those caught in possession of the substance can face serious fines, jail time and even the death penalty.

The Dangerous Drugs Act also state that approval can be given for the cultivation of cannabis for research, educational and medical purposes.