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growing weed in plastic cup

Growing weed in plastic cup

The easiest way to germinate seeds of marijuana plants is to use a starter cube (or seedling plug). Rapid Rooters are great. You can find them here on Amazon. There is even a version that comes with a tray.

If you know someone who is growing marijuana plants and can hook you up with seeds or clones, lucky you! You can skip this section. If you have clones, head here to learn how to get clones to root faster.

8. Start Growing Cannabis Indoors

It depends a lot on what you want.

This is a very good article Steven… I’m actually not a ‘Novice Grower’, however it has been a good six years since I stopped growing… My first grows were photoperiod which, towards the end of the grow, became a bit stressful with the constant battling to control heat and stopping the plants taking the roof of my tent off… I then moved over to autoflowers, which alleviated the height problem, but not the heat issues…

5. Ventilation

I highly recommend training your plants during vegging.

Growing weed in plastic cup

It all depends on a lot of factors — strain, pot size, lights etc. It can be as little as an eighth (3.5g) or less from a sickly runt in a solo cup, or up to a half ounce (14g) in a 16oz (0.5L) cup. In the latter case, the skinny one-cola plants will be upwards of 2 feet (60+cm).

As for nitrogen-rich fertilizers, it all depends on the pot size. In bigger containers, the soil will probably have enough nutrients to last for the whole of veg. In smaller pots or cups, the plants will need a nitro boost early on. Continue to feed them with veg nutrients till they reach the final height and stop stretching further. This usually means a couple of weeks into flowering.

As for sativas (like Haze) and sativa-dominant genetics, they have evolved in regions near the equator where days and nights are close to an equal length the whole year. So, they can remain in veg for many weeks and even months before they even show their sex. It kind of defeats the purpose of 12/12. The plants will be neither fast, nor small, and the yields will be disappointing because of too little light hours received in veg.

The Final Size and Yield

There is one more aspect of growing weed 12 12 from seed that we have briefly touched upon when talking about bag seeds and regular seeds. Here it goes.

Even on 12/12 from day one, weed plants don’t start flowering right away. Vegetative growth is an important process and will run its natural course. Expect at least 3-4 weeks before the plants are mature enough to show their sex. Of course, when it happens, they will start to flower immediately. As you can see, this is basically the same timeline as for autoflowers.

You have two options: one is cloning a plant that is already flowering, the other is reverting it back to veg (a procedure known as ‘reveg’).

12/12 From Seed Feeding Schedule

Revegging a plant after harvest is a painfully slow procedure with uncertain prospects.

So, these were the good reasons to choose the 12/12 from seed to harvest method, and here are the bad ones: