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growing weed in soil bags

Growing weed in soil bags

It may seem like a silly thing to get hung up on, but the plant will spend its entire life inside of these containers and it really has a big effect on the growth and yield at the end of its flowering cycle.

It’s often overlooked, but there’s a large industry that focuses on making pots and bags for growing plants, specifically the cannabis industry has a ton of options for containers. When choosing which one to grow in, the benefits of each can get a bit confusing.

What’s the Difference?

Pots are solid containers made of a variety of materials including traditional plastic, ceramics, and fabric planter pots sometimes with holes in the bottom for drainage. They’re sturdy, give plenty of structure, and work well as a permanent and reusable type of growing setup.

So, which is the best, pots or bags?

Bags, on the other hand, are soft and conform to whatever is put into them. There are two main varieties, plastic and fabric, which are generally quite a bit cheaper than pots. In a one-off situation, where reusability doesn’t matter, bags are a very budget-friendly choice.

Formulated specifically for growing Cannabis, Pot-Ing Mix is simply made of fluffy coconut coir, pearlite, peat moss, and nutrient-packed organic compost. Keep your plants happy, and disease-free with this lightweight, well-draining grow medium. No added chemical nutrients or unnecessary fillers. We believe the best plant food comes from organic matter, the way nature intended.

Kit includes six 5-gallon Grow Bags and 2 cubic feet of our Pot-Ing Mix.

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Formulated over time by soil experts and home growers, Pot-Ing Mix is a superior grow medium that’s naturally formulated to cultivate huge cannabis yields.