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growing weed in water bottle

Im a newbie at growing cannabis, i wanted to expirment a little bit in growing cannabis. I dug up soil from my back yard, and i lightly put the dirt in to make sure the soil was loose. I put just enough water moist the soil then i drop 4 my seeds in a half 2 liter soda bottle.. I had put a seran wrap on the top.. Ive been growing for about 5 weeks.. Two plants have already sprouted. Im growing stress.. I know it sucks but i wanted to expirement first before planting the real deal..I dont know when i need to transplant them to a bigger pot. Should i transplant them to good fertilizer soil? I dont want them to get too big just enough for some grams. Can anyone give me some tips. I am aware that they might be male but i dont care. But im sure they were female seed. The seeds appeared to be female..I just need tips on keeping them well and alive

Growing weed in water bottle

In order to water your plants using tap water you can do various things; let the water sit for about 24h so that some of the minerals and other components have time to fall to the end of your tank. The second thing that you can to is you can use an osmosis filter in order to clean your water and make it potable for both people and plants.

Distilled Water

River water may sound like a great idea for watering your plants at first, and maybe even for drinking, although this is not recommended at all. Rivers are generally kilometers long and can have stretches in which they’re contaminated by pesticides, industrial areas or factories that use the water for residues; rivers can also contain dead animals which contaminate water due to decomposition.

Well, reservoir, spring water etc.

Water is one of the most important things when it comes to life as we know it on our planet, including plants, but what is the best water for growing plants? It stands to reason that the quality of the water that you give your cannabis plants directly influences the quality of the final result. People generally tend to use the first water that they can get their hands on, which is usually tap water – combined with the fact that people usually add loads of different products to the water in order to feed their plants without checking pH or EC, this can be disastrous. Your plants will be more likely to catch plant illnesses and attract insect and fungi infestations, which can lead to terribly quality flowers once harvested.