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growing weed penalty

According to section 13A-12-217 of the Alabama Code, an individual can be charged with a Class B felony if he or she unlawfully manufactures marijuana, or possesses any amount of the necessary precursor materials or substances to manufacture marijuana.

In most cases, when these conditions are present, charges will be upgraded to a Class A felony, which carries the potential for a substantial increase in potential penalties.

Information Center for Alabama’s Marijuana Cultivation Laws

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Although the manufacturing of cannabis may not take place in a laboratory the same way methamphetamines are produced, the cultivation of cannabis is a serious offense. Due to its Schedule I classification, arrests stemming from marijuana related offenses tend to result in felony charges.

Enhanced Charges for Marijuana Cultivation Offenses

A Class B felony offense of manufacturing cannabis is punishable by up to between two to 20 years in prison, along with a fine of up to $30,000. If the offender faces enhanced class A felony charges, he or she could be sentenced to 10 to 99 years, or life is prison, and a fine of up to $60,000.

Growing weed penalty

Return fraud is activity which can lead to the filing of theft or shoplifting charges in California. The most common return fraud schemes involve the return of stolen or altered merchandise for cash or store credit. These include: Receipt fraud—using forged, found, or altered receipts to return stolen items, Price switching—switching price tags or labels, .

The unlawful cultivation, however, is not one of these offenses.

In regards to medicinal marijuana, patients and their caregivers may cultivate up to:

Per HS 11358, it is an infraction if someone aged 18-20 cultivates marijuana. The crime is punishable by a maximum fine of $100.

Legal References:


The full language of 11358 HS states that:

Note that a criminal law exception exists for:

5.2. Hash belonged to someone else

An accused is only guilty under this statute if:

Possession laws are set forth in Health and Safety Code 11357 HS.