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growing weed with no equipment

Eddie Smith, co-owner of The Plant Stand of Arizona, confirmed his south Phoenix nursery would be selling cannabis seeds in the future.

Wylie suggested first-time growers start with a hybrid strain and stay away from strains that have OG in the name or are labeled “exotic,” which tend to be finicky. Popular 50/50 hybrid Blue Dream, for example, is a resilient plant that can take higher and lower temperatures, he said.

Where can I buy a cannabis clone?

People can grow plants from seeds or cuttings off an existing plant, also known as clones. Sundberg said cuttings are a gray area because it’s unclear whether a cutting that hasn’t taken root yet is counted as part of the six or 12 plants Arizonans are allowed to grow.

Other hybrids he suggested for beginners include Green Crack, Grape Diamonds and Cherry Garcia.

What else do I need to grow a cannabis plant?

Ryan Jerrell, co-owner of Dig It Gardens in central Phoenix, also said his nursery plans on selling cannabis seeds in the future, as well as “starter kits” for first-time growers.

Growing weed with no equipment

Weed originated from tropical regions where it gets very hot during the days and only cooling off slightly at night. The fact is that your weed plants will grow bigger if you make sure they receive warmer temperatures while growing than if you didn’t provide them with the heat they enjoy.

When the plants are in the dark, make sure they receive absolute darkness. This might mean putting the plants in a closet or cabinet during this time frame every day and making sure no light seeps into the area.

If by chance you are using a coco coir substrate, then watering every day will most likely be required and you really shouldn’t run into any over watering issues.

The great thing about growing weed is it literally will grow like a weed. If you follow the directions provided in this article, you will have success. There is always a chance you will have some sort of plant deficiency but that’s just part of the hobby. The more plants you grow, the better you will get at identifying and solving issues.

Basic Fertilizing Needs for a Weed Plant

When I was a teenager in the 70’s, I remember seeing pounds of weed that were brought into Canada from South America. As good as that stuff was, I guarantee it was never fertilized.

As you dive into growing marijuana a bit deeper, you will quickly see that there are many types of fertilizers you could spend money on to maximize the yields you reap at the end of your grow. The thing is that you can easily get a decent yield without the fertilizers.

For a light source, if you can put your plants outside in the sunshine every day that’s a great option. Unfortunately, however, it’s not usually sunny every day and then there’s the issue of privacy and people minding their own business.

What are the Basic Needs of a Weed Plant?

Marijuana plants natively grow in the summertime and produce flowers or buds in the fall. This means that during the beginning or what is called the ‘vegetative’ phase, the plants will require a lot of light. It is recommended on average to provide the plants with 18 hours of light per day. That would mean that the plants need about 6 hours of darkness per day.

If you use a grow tent, it makes it easier to keep the heat up in a contained area. Depending on what type of light you are using in a grow tent, you might not have to worry about the heat at all as the light will heat up the area good enough. If you are just leaving the plants out in a larger room, then it might not be so easy.