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guerilla growing weed

Guerilla growing weed

So now you’ve found the perfect place for your garden? Congratulations, it’s not an easy task! Next, let’s look at the prlanning of your outdoor cannabis grow. The first thing, of course, will be to adapt the chosen area to our needs; we can dig holes and fill them with good quality soil and polymers, remove weeds, cover any possible access points to the garden with branches or brambles, etc. We’ll show you how to deal with at all these aspects and get everything under control before starting cultivation:

When it comes to photo-dependent varieties, we can’t go any further without mentioning one of the true queens of outdoor and guerrilla gardens, our classic Early Maroc! Thanks to some special characteristics, especially its very fast flowering, it can usually be harvested during the second half of August, before the autumn rains. And if you want an equally fast plant with superior resin production and potency, you should definitely try Early Gorilla, our cross between Early Maroc and the famed Gorilla Glue #4 (GG #4).

How to camouflage the grow

If we deem it necessary we can choose to prune the plants, perhaps in combination with some of the techniques we’ve just seen. If, in a normal grow, we usually prune the lower parts of the plants, in guerrilla growing it’s almost obligatory to do it. This is because, for one thing, these parts usually get fairly dirty from mud, leaves, etc. On the other hand, they also divert vegetative vigour from the upper part of the plants, which is where the best buds are produced and therefore the area we want to focus development. Finally, by pruning the lower part of the plant we will improve air flow and reduce the chances of pests and diseases. In our article on pruning techniques you’ll find more information and tips to prune correctly.

Some growers will fix fake plastic flowers to the branches of plants with wire; a trick that probably wouldn’t fool anybody up close, but one that can completely change their appearance if they are seen from a distance. We also recommend you don’t follow a regular pattern when planting, because neat rows of perfectly spaced plants, with a different shade of green than the other plants that surround them, will stick out like a sore thumb!

Cannabis varieties for guerrilla growing

With this in mind, security, discretion, weather conditions and genetics are just some of the aspects that we’ll be dealing with so that you can harvest the very best buds from your guerrilla grow. as if you cared for the plants in your own garden!

Guerilla growing weed

And when the buds start to fatten, you can remove larger and older fan leaves, especially those that block the sun and hinder air movement.

Okay, it was an unexpectedly long list of jobs. You may skip all of them except two: the planting and the harvesting, but then don’t be surprised by very mediocre or non-existing rewards. And if you decide to visit your plants frequently, take some precautions:

However, it’s always advisable to cut one or two pairs of branches at the very bottom of the plant because they seldom amount to anything, can droop and actually touch the dirt with their buds. If the canopy is too dense, it’s probably a good idea to also remove some secondary side branches in the deep shadow inside the bush. Do all this pruning when the flowering begins.


So, if you are set on guerilla growing weed, at least don’t plan anything large-scale and don’t depend on the results financially, or else you may be severely disappointed.

As an amateur grower, I have three seasons worth of guerilla growing under my belt. The first one was meticulously planned and expertly executed. It was very uphill work, but the results were amazing. The second time around, I was sure to do even better, but with much less effort. It was a total disaster. The third time was a last minute decision—I had some extra seeds and a good spot to plant them—and the results were surprisingly good, mostly because of the favorable weather. It all comes down to luck really.


It’s only early July, but the buds on this autoflower are already quite resinous and mature.

This can make for a very entertaining story, but I’d prefer to entertain my friends with a well-packed bowl instead. And growing in trees is not the most direct path to this goal.