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guide to growing hydroponic cannabis

Guide to growing hydroponic cannabis

Today I’ll teach you how to set up your hydroponic reservoir for growing cannabis, and I’ll show you what you need to do each day for optimum growth

Hydroponics is when you grow your cannabis plant in an inert medium like coco or a reservoir of water, and provide all the nutrients to the plant directly in the water.

Cons of Hydro

Differences Between Soil & Hydro

Pros of Hydro

Is Hydroponics Good for Growing Cannabis?

So there are five major parts to getting set up. You need….

Hydro is a no-brainer for me. Whenever I go back to a hand-watered grow like coco coir, I am always surprised by how much extra time it takes to water plants and remove the runoff. The most intimidating part of hydro is just getting started – after that it’s actually really easy to take care of your plants. In my opinion, hydro is far easier and less time consuming than growing in soil or coco coir once you’re set up. If you are interested in hydro, go for it! If you follow this tutorial you will succeed!

Benefits of Hydro Over Soil

Guide to growing hydroponic cannabis

A good water-based nutrient solution forms the basis of all hydroponic systems. Like other growing mediums, hydroponics requires the other building blocks of ample light, air, and space.

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Technology: Hydroponics is a good method for the tech-savvy cultivator who understands that a power outage can spell disaster. Even if the system runs on a back-up generator, an extended outage could leave you watering your garden and administering plant food by hand.

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Potency: Once you harvest the buds, there’s a good chance they’ll be more potent than if you had grown them in soil. Some dispensaries even charge a premium for buds grown in hydroponic systems.

Guide to growing hydroponic cannabis

If you’re a beginner and decide to assemble a hydroponic setup, some pieces of equipment are absolutely necessary, and others are less essential. Fortunately, hydroponic equipment dealers will sell you everything you need for success. Let’s discuss the essential items for setting up a basic hydroponic grow.

You will want at least one drip-line emitter per plant.


The legal cannabis industry is divided when it comes to which method to use for the best products and highest profits, but both growing methods are alive and well on the commercial level. Since growing is possible year-round indoors and hydroponic growing is an indoor endeavor the vast majority of the time, indoor commercial cannabis growing will probably see an increase in hydroponic use. Soil growing is more flexible and can easily occur either outdoors or indoors, so the use of soil is probably more widespread overall when it comes to commercial cultivation.

There is nothing new about hydroponic growing and the practice has a long history, so this method is not exactly modern, just less common among home cultivators. If you want to take a less conventional approach to your home grow, by all means try your hand at hydroponic cultivation and be the first among your circle of cannabis-growing friends to do so. Let’s discuss what you will need to begin a hydroponic cannabis garden.

Drip Line Emitters

Hydroponic nutrients are available in liquid and powder form. The majority of cannabis growers prefer organically grown flower, so organic nutrients are the best choice. Bottled nutrients are the easiest to use. There are organic options available—or as close as you can get to organic out of a bottle.