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haleigh’s hope seeds

The smell and aroma complement the flavor of this cannabis. It has some pine and lemon scents with a slight dusting of sweetness in the mix. You will also smell some herbal and spicy aromas when smoking this weed.

If you would like to use the oil extracted from the cannabis, contact Haleighs Hope Inc directly to get it. Undoubtedly the company is very cautious about maintaining the purity of this type of marijuana.

The list of one of the rarest types of marijuana include this cannabis and has been hailed the best for medical purposes. It does not have a high THC content and that is just one of its great characteristics. The THC content averages at 1% and that is manifest on its easygoing high without overwhelming effects.

Smell and aroma

The Haleighs Hope strain has quite an emotional history and that is regularly not the case with most types of weed. You may tell from the name it was given that there is quite a story behind this type of cannabis.

Probably it is grown indoors since it is medical specific cannabis because growers can control the elements to a greater extent in this environment.

Where can you source it?

There are many different reasons why you should choose to try this strain but here are only three regarding the appearance, flavor, and fragrance of this cannabis. Here are more details on each one:

You might not feel a strong high when smoking this weed but it strongly combats pain and other ailments.

Haleigh’s hope seeds

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