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happy haze seeds

The feminized Happy Haze is a Haze derivative. Like her mother, this feminized beauty gives the user the typical effects of Indica – euphoric. However, these effects kick in gradually, and the high isn’t incredibly intense. Nonetheless, the user ought to take the strain in small successive doses, otherwise feeling couch-locked after consuming massive doses is synonymous to Happy Haze.

What to expect from this strain?

The Happy Haze Fem is mostly Sativa, with 75% Sativa dominance and 25% Indica dominance. The THC levels are also skyrocketed and range between 20 and 30%, while the CBD levels are in a healthy range. Happy Haze Fem also develops into a relatively tall plant, being the Sativa she already is.

What are the effects of this strain?

Happy Haze Fem has a medium growing difficulty, meaning intermediates and veterans can find it a walkover when cultivating this beauty. Also, she does well indoors as well as outdoors.

Happy haze seeds

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