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harmony seeds

Want to have Seeds of Harmony teach preschool music classes at your school? Call 503-961-2029 and speak with Sara, the Founder of Keys to Life Music School.

Introduction to notation, including writing notes, treble clefs, and other symbols.

We offer Seeds at Bethany Village Montessori, Cascade Summit Montessori, Beloved Montessori, The Foundation at Neveh Shalom and at your preschool if you want! Reach out to [email protected] to bring Seeds of Harmony to your school!

Intro to piano, ukulele, drums and more!

Rhythm and coordination, Kodaly Rhythms and Dancing

NE PDX: KTL’s location inside the Children’s Gym and at VIDA Coworking’s VIDA Play child care center.

In Seeds of Harmony, children ages 2-5 enjoy a lively class that consists of song sessions and games that introduce and develop the most important aspects of music, including:

Ear-training, through Fixed-do Solfege and call and response singing. Fixed-do is known to help build perfect pitch (see the Director’s bio for more).

Seeds of Harmony builds a comprehensive foundation for a lifetime of competent and confident music-making.

As a good show variety too, Harmony Seed Potatoes can be harvested between September and October as an excellent mid-Summer baking potato.

Harmony Seed Potatoes are a popular white variety, noted for yielding smooth, rounded white tubers.

Planting Guide:

We recommend planting Main Crop potato tubers, such as Harmony, outside between March and April, 10cm deep and 20cm apart in a line. Leave at least 30cm between lines to allow growing space.

Harvesting Guide:

Main Crop Seed Potatoes require a much longer growing time in the ground and would benefit from an added fertiliser during the Summer months.