Donald Owens
Hello friends, my name is Donald Owens. I’m a professional cannabis grower for a large dispensary in Los Angeles, California, U.S.

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For the most intense marijuana highs, we have a wide selection of seeds ranging from 20% THC to over 25%. These are some of the top strains for those serious about getting high. We offer many options including Cherry Pie and LSD but these heavy hitters can strain your sanity. So be prepared!


THC is the active ingredient found in cannabis that causes a euphoric effect. It’s also one of the oldest hallucinogens known to man and was used by Shamans thousands of years ago for spiritual rites before it became illegal.

The earliest evidence of THC use comes from China, where it was used as a remedy for pain and swelling. Modern research into high-THC strains has confirmed that these plants can be very effective in treating certain ailments like chronic pain or inflammation.

The first recorded instance of cannabis being used to treat disease dates back over 2 thousand years ago when the ancient Chinese people would place crushed leaves on wounds to relieve their aches and pains. Now modern science is confirming the medicinal properties found within some varieties by examining how they affect patients with disorders such as chronic pain or rheumatoid arthritis.

A good way to get the best of both worlds is by choosing a cannabis strain with relatively low CBD levels. These strains tend to be more psychoactive, meaning they will provide you with an incredibly high and help counteract any negative side effects that THC may produce. Cannabis contains about 60 different chemicals, some of which offer a pleasant or unpleasant experience depending on your preference for euphoria versus sensory perception. One chemical in particular (THC) can cause mild hallucinations when taken at higher doses. However, this effect can often be countered if consumed alongside cannabidiol (CBD).


THC is an active compound found in marijuana plants that have been shown to have therapeutic effects. Studies show it can reduce pain, increase appetite and improve sleep patterns which make for a happier life overall.

The marijuana industry is changing rapidly. Cannabis plants are being bred with high levels of THC to create an optimal “high” but without CBD counteracting the effects. Experts in this field have engineered strains that contain up to 22% THC, a plant component that creates euphoric feelings and stimulates the appetite for some people.

New to cannabis? Super Skunk is not for you. This strain has a high THC content, making it unsuitable for those with low tolerances or no experience in smoking weed before. If this isn’t your first time seeing green buds though, then these are the perfect ones! Along with its potency and value as well-known strains go. They’re also good if you want to make edibles out of them later on down the line when the munchies hit!


If you want to grow a cannabis plant with extreme levels of THC, it’s important to know that they are usually hybrids. This means how the plants grow is dependent on their parent strains and can be difficult if not impossible for traditional growers who don’t have experience in other areas or climates. But there’s an easier way: choose autoflowering seeds! These high-THC marijuana strains produce great buds without much maintenance because they come pre-packaged as “grower ready” kits that will automatically flower when planted outdoors around mid-September after one week from seed planting depending on your climate zone.

Growing your own marijuana seeds is a great way to ensure that you have access to high-quality, THC-rich weed. It might take some time and effort on the front end of things, but if it’s worth doing then why not do it right? Here are three tips for growing potent pot plants from seed:

  • Start with good quality cannabis genetics. This will make up about 60% of what determines how much THC gets produced in each bud.
  • Use hydroponics or aeroponics instead of soil.
  • Maintain an even temperature throughout the day.

Light is essential to the plant’s life cycle. Without it, the plants will grow slowly and produce small buds that are not as potent because they do not maximize their time in bloom ready for harvest.

What are the different highs? A high will vary from person to person depending on what your body is used to. Some people find their mood elevated while others may experience anxiety or paranoia. One of my favorite things about marijuana use and consumption in general, however, is that it can provide a sense of routine for those who have troubles with mental health disorders like depression and bipolar disorder.

Looking for something in particular? We have a large selection of marijuana seeds to choose from. Discover how different strains will make you feel by checking out our product pages and reading up on the effects each strain delivers!


You’ll be spoilt for choice when browsing our collection of cannabis seeds, with over 400 available. We know that you won’t want to take a risk on an unknown strain so we’re here to help! All the reviews are from real growers just like you and will give expert insight into what works best in different settings, as well as which strains have high yields or potent effects.

Cannabis seeds are a great way to grow your own marijuana. We have high THC feminized USA and worldwide shipping, so you can be confident that what we ship is the best quality possible!

For the bargain hunters out there, check out our seed combo packs for a knockout deal on feminized genetics! The Heavy Hitters Mix Pack is your best value with top-of-the-line strains that can’t be beaten.


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    Hi! If you’re looking for a great high and amazing taste, then I’ve got something that will suit your needs. All three flavors of autoflower marijuana are delicious. They also provide an amazing experience when smoked or eaten (depending on what mood we’re in).

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    I had a great time with my seeds! They were easy to grow and I can’t wait until we try some new varieties. Thanks so much for the gift card too.

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    I am curing my harvest week 3. They look and smell amazing! Autoflowering cannabis is a great technique that can be used by anyone who has access to soil, light, or hydroponics but it takes patience for the best results-a trait most people don’t have these days sadly enough…

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    I can’t wait to try these buds! I love that you have a variety of autoflowering and Indica types. I’m always worried when ordering from other companies because their products never meet my high standards, but as soon as this shipment arrives it will be easy for me to forget all about those qualms thanks in part to your company’s great service which includes fast shipping too 🙂

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    I love starting out with these autoflower seeds, they’re like gold. I just planted my first couple and got three going really well right now!