Donald Owens
Hello friends, my name is Donald Owens. I’m a professional cannabis grower for a large dispensary in Los Angeles, California, U.S.

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These high-yielding strains will yield a gigantic harvest but not without some extra work. Spend time researching to help them achieve their full potential and be prepared for an extensive, yet rewarding experience.

Green Crack and Strawberry Kush are two strains of cannabis that will produce a lot for you with less work. They may need just the slightest more care than other plants, but they’re worth it if you have time to spare on your projects because their yields make up for any extra effort spent tending them. If anything goes wrong while growing these beauties, not only do we offer replacement guarantees (at no additional cost), our expert customer service staff is always ready to help get things back on track in case something happens!


Trying to grow the biggest harvest possible? These seeds are for you. When it comes to maximizing harvests, genetics is key. You can make adjustments and tweak your cultivation technique as much as you want but if a plant’s genetic material does not suit its intended purpose then no amount of growing know-how will save that crop from being disappointing in size or quality. Use these high-yield cannabis seeds so that whatever strain grows, they do their job well!

Many growers prioritize produce size because bigger plants mean more flowers which means greater potential yields per square foot indoors (or other limited space environment). However when working with certain strains such as those bred specifically for maximum yield performance like this one here have been selected on over generations through careful.

Marijuana plants are not the only things that need high-yield seeds to maximize their potential. As a matter of fact, marijuana growers can use these same principles for growing legal cannabis at home. Many states have put limits on how many plants you can grow before it becomes an illegal operation and because they don’t limit harvest size, more than one plant is beneficial when harvesting your crop to max out yield without exceeding those state limitations.


When I first learned how many grams you could get out of one plant, my jaw just dropped. It’s not even close to what most people are expecting!

The amount of weight that can be obtained from a single cannabis plant is astonishingly high. Before revealing the number make your best guess as to how much it might weigh? Okay, here goes…

Up to 600 grams of cannabis can be produced per plant, on average. Depending on the strain type and other variables such as light availability or how much room is available for plants to grow upwards, the amount you will get may vary greatly.

Maybe you’re new to growing or just looking for some tips on how best to get a great yield. Check out the crop of strain seeds we have available and see what other customers like you had to say about it!

Growing cannabis can be tricky. Without the right conditions, you’re unlikely to get a healthy and thriving plant.

Genetics are important but your success is completely dependent on what growing environment you provide for your plants.


You know that feeling of excitement when the new catalog from your favorite seed bank arrives? That’s because you never know what exciting seeds are waiting for you. The BUSHWEEDO team does their best to find and offer varieties with great yields, so they can be confident in giving them to our customers. We also have a 100% satisfaction guarantee, if we send something other than what is ordered or it doesn’t grow well, just contact us and we’ll take care of everything!

Nowadays, there are so many cannabis seed options available that give you the chance to grow a high yield. Many people who have grown marijuana for years believe that they need Indica or an Indica dominant hybrid if they want their plants to produce more weed but this is not always true! There are some strains in the high-yield category that can be successfully cultivated by beginners without any serious effort too. All it takes is selecting wisely and filtering your search appropriately.

We are the trusted supplier for seeds because of our unbiased reviews. If you want to be confident in your purchase, visit us and review your experience!

This particular set of seeds is perfect for you if you’re looking to grow a plant that grows well and big. You can see the size from pictures on the product page itself!


For some, the highest yield possible is what they are looking for. But not everyone wants to sacrifice flavor and effects along with it. A good breeder must make sure that all aspects of an individual strain have been retained when breeding high yields. At BUSHWEEDO we offer different strains based on your needs whether you’re trying to find something specific or just want quality cannabis in general.

Want to grow a strain that yields the most possible, but doesn’t have enough time or attention? Look for high-yielding marijuana plants. These types of seeds usually need more development and care before they are ready to harvest. Make sure you buy these seeds with careful consideration about how much free time you can devote to them during their maturation phase. Sativa-dominant strains will be tall and require extra support so make sure your garden has room! Indica seedlings also need ventilation as well, without it, they may rot.


Growing your plants hydroponically will ensure that they grow as healthy and strong as possible. With the right nutrients, you can make sure that it is getting all of what it needs to thrive in any environment – even if grown outside or indoors! Hydroponics also often have a higher yield than soil-grown plants, up to 20% more on average. So when choosing how best for your garden’s success feel confident with hydroponic gardening.

Although there may be less yield, it is not a bad idea to grow high-yielding seeds in the soil. This holds nutrients and makes for more room for error since the plants will absorb what they need from that area of rich soil.

Growing marijuana can be tedious and frustrating, but our Heavy Yield Grow Kit will make your life a lot easier! This set contains everything you need for the perfect grow: seeds, nutrients, plant protector. If you’re looking to start growing right away grab this kit while it’s still in stock because supplies are limited!


What are you looking for in a high-yield cannabis strain? Whether it is medicinal or recreational, we have the right seeds ready to grow. With over 100 strains available and new ones being added all of the time, there’s no need to look anywhere else!

If you’re on a mission and want an exceptionally productive plant that has everything from flavor profiles like earthiness or citrus fruits with heavy THC content as well as low CBD levels (for medical purposes), get your hands on Big Bud today by searching through our seed options page where we offer more than just one type of variety.

Do you want relaxation or stimulation? Regardless of what type of marijuana, we offer high-yield strains that will suit your needs. The seeds are locally grown and from a reliable source. So when buying them, you can be certain to get exactly what is advertised!

Do you need help deciding which high-yield strains are the right ones for your needs? We have a seed variety pack just for that. You can find it here – High Yield Mix Pack!

Now it’s time to get started with your seeds. If this is your first time using high-yield cannabis, know that there are some challenges you will face during the process of growing these plants. You can start by browsing our forums where people discuss their individual experiences and what they learned from them to grow successful crops on their own terms. Some experts answer any questions about how best to use these high-yield cannabis strains for maximum benefits.


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    I’m loving this. So far, 10 of the 12 seeds planted have germinated with no problem and it looks like all three plants are growing really well too! Can’t wait to try some different strains on them in a few weeks’ time. I’m excited for what’s ahead after these first few successes…

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    I’ve never been happier with a company! I ordered some Bruce Banner seeds and they didn’t germinate, but ILGM sent me five new ones right away. Now everything is growing great.