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homemade hydroponics system growing weed

Homemade hydroponics system growing weed

– Measure your container, and cut a polystyrene board slightly smaller than the container, so that it can adjust perfectly to changes in the water level.

It is a system of cultivation in which plants grow in a solution of water with nutrients, without soil in between, although inert media such as coconut slabs, rock wool or arlita are often used. It allows you to control the PH level and keep it always balanced, as well as the levels of temperature and nutrients, maximizing its productive capacity.

– Get yourself a good pump to provide the necessary amount of oxygen, if you have doubts about which is the best, we can help you if you leave your question in the comments section.

Filling and drainage:

I’m going to focus more specifically on the hydroponic culture system based on aquatic culture, because it’s the most used and because it’s the one I always like, I’m a lover of simplicity!?

You will need a little experience for a multiple flow.

⭐ What is a hydroponic crop?

– Connect an air line to the pump, which has to be long enough to reach the bottom of the tank, or at least stay in the middle of the tank, so that the oxygen bubbles reach the roots perfectly.

– Finally, install the hydroponics system, fill the tank with a solution of nutrients and water, place the polystyrene plate on top with the pots already prepared and connect the pump to start growing, it’s that simple!

Homemade hydroponics system growing weed

The holes are 2.5” wide to use for Uniseals for a 1.5” PVC. The bottom of the hole for the PVC is 1.25” off the ground. After drilling out the holes with a hole saw (run it backward and it won’t tear the plastic), then go over it with some sandpaper just to get the roughness off and make for a clean seal.

When I did my first grow with DWC, I soon realized there were some things I wanted to change on the next go around. I wanted to Scrog, and I didn’t want to have to move the plants to change water or check PH and PPM. Also, they got root rot last time, Hydroguard and changing the water once a week kept it in check, but I wanted to not have to change the water weekly either.

3. Once you have the PVC installed, it’s time to connect the pumps. I’m using a 550 GPH water pump to circulate my water; it connects to the adapter we installed earlier to the pump, then from the pump into the control bucket. I also have a 1300 GPH air pump connected to 2 air stones per plant tote for a total of 8 air stones. The hoses for the air stones are run through holes near the top of the tote.

Materials Checklist

Check out the author’s grow- @quantumhydro333 on IG and QuantumHydro on Reddit.

How it works:


4. Now, for the lids, I used a 6” hole saw (run in reverse again) to make the holes. They fit the net pots perfectly. Once you have those made, it’s time to check for leaks.

5. Fill the water up to an inch below the net pots and plug in the water and air pump. Let it run and watch for leaks. I let mine run for an hour but feel free to test until you feel comfortable. I saw a drop or 2 here and there during testing but just left them, and they stopped after a bit. Pretty sure some of the Uniseal just needed time to seat fully.

Homemade hydroponics system growing weed

Tip: Plant roots can grow long enough to clog the channel or drains. Check your channel at least once a week to make sure everything is still flowing properly.

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Tip: Plant at least 3 seeds to increase your chances of successful germination. Once 1 of the plants grows in more than the others, thin out the weaker growths.

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Hydroponic gardening involves growing plants in a water and nutrient solution without using any soil. Hydroponic gardens are easy to start in your own home so you can grow throughout the year. There are many different styles of gardens you can build, the most common being wick systems, deep water cultures, and nutrient film techniques. With a simple build, you can easily have a garden in your home!

To build a simple wick hydroponic system, you’ll need a soda bottle, twine, and a growing medium for your chosen plants. To get started, cut off the top of a soda bottle about 4 inches from the top and punch a hole in the cap with a screwdriver. Then, thread a 12-inch piece of twine halfway through the cap before putting the cap back on the bottle. Next, fill the bottom of your bottle with 4 cups of water and a hydroponic nutrient mix, which you can buy from your local gardening store. After you’ve mixed the water and nutrients, place the top of the bottle upside down so the cap points down towards the water. Add 2 handfuls of a growing medium, like perlite or coconut coir, to the top of the bottle. Finally, put your chosen plant’s seeds in the medium and leave them to grow. For tips on how to build a deep water culture system, keep reading!