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how can i stop weeds growing in my block paving

How can i stop weeds growing in my block paving

Downsides: Risks damage to other nearby plants

Contact weed killer will work if you have a flourishing array of weeds in your block paving. Glyphosate is a common example of contact weed killer. It works when absorbed through the leaves of a plant but is ineffective in the soil and wont enter plants through the roots.

Residual weed killer

Salt can keep the weeds away for months or even years however it is non-selective and will kill everything. Make sure if you use it that you do not let it leach into other areas.

Block paving is a popular choice for driveways and patios in Preston and the UK. Its robust, great looking, load bearing and not too expensive.

Systemic weed killer

A new tool which has gained popularity in the last few years is the weed burner. It is effectively a heat gun which burns the weeds away.

How can i stop weeds growing in my block paving

Always test the sealant on an inconspicuous area before applying elsewhere, just in case it has an adverse effect. If you can obtain a small sample before buying to carry this out then so much the better.

Despite their name, all-purpose sealants are actually largely ineffective, offering a one-size fits all approach, as opposed to more targeted tackling of weed growth. Select the sealant that will give you the effect you are looking for: matt, wet look, damp look, low sheen or neutral.

Choosing the Right Sealant

Make sure that traffic is kept off the driveway for 24 hours after sealing and don’t walk on the driveway for four hours, unless the sealer dries before then.

Remember, there is no such thing as a surface that is weed-free , and spraying the area with weed killer – no matter how powerful – is simply not enough.

Preparing the Area

After preparing the surface in question, apply one coat, making sure the whole area is saturated – but avoid creating puddles. Start by pouring the sealant out, then use a pile roller or squeegee to roll it out- unless you have a sealant that can be sprayed.