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how do i grow hydroponic weed

How do i grow hydroponic weed

When it comes to hydroponic cannabis…

Growing in coco coir can be considered a type of hydroponics since it naturally contains no nutrients and you must provide all the nutrients in the water. However, when you say “hydroponics” most people think of this:

Cons of Hydro

How do i grow hydroponic weed

Step 2: Set up the grow table

Hydroponic marijuana cultivation has emerged out as one of the trending ways of growing weed and for some, the potency level is much higher than the conventional one, grown in the soil. Though the quality of cannabis produced by both the methods is disputed, hydroponics is the need of the hour.

The Setup

Any unabsorbed solution by the plants drips down through the dripper (a kind of drain line in a water bath) back into the reservoir. This is the best hydroponic system if you’re living in a dry place as it saves water efficiently with least wastage.

Let me make the whole of this hydroponic cannabis growing process easier for you. First of all, you need to understand that marijuana doesn’t necessarily require soil to bloom.

What does hydroponic cannabis mean?

Fill all the pots with clay pellets. Don’t forget to soak the pellets in water overnight so that they get saturated enough to let the roots suck water from them.