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how do i grow weed in my closet

How do i grow weed in my closet

When you cultivate weed in a closet, you’ll have total control over the growing process, and you’ll get much better results. Outdoors, you really don’t have control over the environmental conditions, so you’re limited by Mother Nature. In a greenhouse, you’ll have an easier time maintaining the climate, but doing demands a lot of work, patience, and quite frankly, sheer luck.

Cool Grows

3. Total control and better results.

Okay, so how do you go about transforming a closet into your weed growing haven? It’s actually a lot easier than it sounds. Here are some tips to get you started.

Choose a Closet

Even more budget-friendly, however, is using a closet as your designated “farm”. Unlike an outdoor garden or a greenhouse, a closet doesn’t require a lot of space or supplies; hence, growing in a closet is a more economical option.

Growing weed in your closet sounds like a super secretive activity to do, so treat it like one. If you don’t want your secret out of the closet, keep tight-lipped. If you opt for a closet grow, you opt for a very limited space that needs to be converted into a tiny control room where your plant can thrive and flower.

Mission Possible: Growing Weed in Your Closet

When all is set in and around your closet, it’s time to pay more attention to your plants.

Converting Your Closet Into a Grow Room

Check on your marijuana plants at least two times a day to see how they’re doing. Make sure that they receive sufficient light and air inside the closet. As your plant begins to tower from the container, check if the top part feels warm at the touch of your hand, especially if you are using sources of light other than LED. Too much heat may damage your crop. As will too much moisture. So, you always need to balance between humidity and warmth in the closet. When the time comes, collect the buds and prepare to cure them. If you collect a more significant amount of weed, use a glass jar to stock it. Avoid keeping weed in plastic containers as this may affect your weed in negative ways.