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how do weeds grow through concrete

How do weeds grow through concrete

Grasses and weeds growing out of pavement cracks in sidewalks, driveways, and patios is a common annoyance. Sometimes it seems as though these unwanted plants grow even better in tiny pavement crevices than they do in the lawn and garden. This defies all logic since pavement surfaces are brutally hot and dry places where you might think that nothing could survive. But not only do these tenacious grasses and weeds survive, they alsoseem to positively thrive in this no man’s land of blistering hot pavement.

When to Kill Pavement Weeds

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Successful weed control begins with knowing your foe's likes and dislikes and habits. In their own way, weeds are marvels of genetic evolution. s

Plants don’t really break through concrete: The concrete breaks around the plant. Plant roots will grow anywhere there is water. The edges of a concrete slab are particularly attractive as all the runoff water from the slab’s surface collects there.

What kills weeds permanently?

Likewise, people ask, can you concrete over weeds?