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how fast do weed clones grow

So what i would like to know is if i take clones, and then move my plants to flowering which will take a miminum of 8 weeks before i can have the space to flower the clones. How big would my clones of grown roughly in this time, so from cutting 8 weeks later how tall would they be ?

I’m going to be taking clones for the first time shortly and was going to take them two weeks into flower but was advised against this and it seems i now will take them whilst only when in veg.

Myself i would like them to be no bigger than 2.5 foot ideally in 8 weeks is this realistic or would they be much bigger in that time ?

How fast do weed clones grow

Every experienced grower has their own grow style, and over time as you get exposed to more info, you will begin to finely tune your personal grow style.

Cloning gives you the power to take one plant and get unlimited new cannabis plants for practically forever! You can clone clones without a problem. Each new clone is a genetic copy of the original plant.

For the first 10 days and especially for the first 3-4 days, you don’t want to use full-strength light on your new clones.

What You Will Need

If you grow a plant in the vegetative stage for about 2-3 months, you will be able to get dozens of clones off a single plant.

But how do you know which plants are going to be good when you have to clone in the vegetative stage?

Soak your starter cubes for a couple of minutes in the water. You don’t need to soak them for days, a few minutes is fine.

Clones want light from the beginning, but as they are focusing on making roots they don’t want a whole lot since they aren’t as strong as rooted plants!

7.) Take more clones than you need