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how long does weed grow outdoors

How long does weed grow outdoors

However, if you take really good care of auto-flowering plants for the first 4 weeks and give a lot of light, they can grow much bigger. These auto-flowering plants reached half this height in the first 4 weeks and produced about 11 oz under the same grow light as above.

2-3 months from seed to harvest

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The average indoor cannabis grow takes 3-4 months from seed to harvest. The full range is 2-6 months and depends on the strain and desired size of plants.

This gives you the freedom to choose the exact strain you want without any worry about how long it will take. This gives you the freedom to grow some strains that otherwise are inaccessible to growers who are worried about timeframes.

Counter-clockwise from top left: Alaskan Purple Auto, White Widow Max Auto, Candy Kush Auto, Pink Kush CBD 30:1 (short purple plant), Zkittlez Auto, Gelato Auto

How long does weed grow outdoors

When the days get shorter than the night, flowering can begin in photoperiod plants. Auto-flowering plants begin to flower after a certain period of time, not when the light cycle changes.

During the flowering stage, your plants will focus on growing their resinous flower buds. Flowering times can vary depending on when you plan to harvest.

In the southern hemisphere, the growing season is the exact opposite of the northern hemisphere. Farmers begin to plant in September through November. Harvesting occurs between March and May.

As the cannabis plants grow taller and wider, the summer solstice brings a longer period of darkness which stimulates the flowering stage. In autumn, the plant’s flowers are mature and can be harvested.


During the germination stage, you will be germinating your healthy cannabis seeds. Germination takes the seed out of its hibernation period to start its growth. During this stage, your seed will sprout and begin to grow roots and leaves.

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No matter where you grow, cannabis has the same stages of growth: germination, seedling, vegetative, flowering, and harvesting.


For instance, in the northern hemisphere, cannabis seeds are usually planted between early March or late May. After a few months, they are harvested anywhere between September to November.

In the tropics, where mild weather is the norm, cannabis plants may complete their growth cycle much sooner than in locations with extreme heat or cold.