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how long to leave lights on for growing weed

How long to leave lights on for growing weed

Most indoor growers give their cannabis plants 18-24 hours of light a day during the vegetative stage. The exact number of hours needed to keep a plant in the vegetative stage is dependent on the strain, but 18+ hours/day will keep basically all cannabis plants in the vegetative stage.

So unless you're planning on breeding, it's important that most growers destroy male plants as soon as you notice them growing grape-like balls where their buds would normally be.

For an indoor grower, when a plant is about half the final size you want it to be, you should change it over to the "Flowering" stage. This is the stage when your plant starts growing buds.

How long to leave lights on for growing weed

By growing this way, your costs will be much lower, and you’ll end with high-quality cannabis with a high level of THC.
On the other hand, you’ll have fewer buds per plant, and smaller plants overall, which might be ok if you don’t want to commit too hard and invest a good chunk of money into equipment.

For example, the cannabis growers in the States have separate opinions, and could be classified into two groups:

Currently, there’s a lot of debate going on should you keep the light on 24 hours without stopping. The main reason behind this ongoing debate lies in the yields and plant development, alongside personal opinions and experiences of individuals.

We could agree that photosynthesis is a necessity for proper development and thriving, there’s no doubt about that.

Growing indoors: Pros & Cons

With marijuana being allowed for more than just medical purposes in several countries, this industry is starting to blossom, literally. Many started growing weed at home, for many obvious reasons – with quality, lower costs, and safety being the most prominent ones.

It all comes down to the geographic zone you’re in. You should plant during the spring season when the nights are getting shorter. The plant will grow slower and start flowering when the nights start to get longer, in the colder part of the year.

Simplified to the core (there are huge studies about this field), this means that the cannabis grows under while being lit, and blooms during the darkness. When considering what is required for best yields and best end product, the combination of light and darkness in growing appears as the best one.

Digging deeper

By definition, the plant of cannabis classifies into photoperiod plants, which means it reacts to both light and darkness. There are also auto-flowering cannabis plants, which will be explained later.

Now we get to process the deeper knowledge & information: