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how much are grow lights for weed

How much are grow lights for weed

3 Main Classes of Marijuana Grow Lights

Ceramic Metal Halide (CMH) & Light Emitting Ceramic (LEC) Grow Lights

The light from a Metal Halide appears a little bluish, and is well suited to growing cannabis plants in the vegetative stage

How much are grow lights for weed

● You can purchase them from a variety of locations.


The two types of fluorescent lights are T5 and CFLs. The former is long and narrow, while the latter are twisted into the shape. They have cool, warm, or full-spectrum colors. Growers sometimes use them because they are cheap to buy and have a low energy consumption, saving money on energy bills. They also provide a pleasant color for an indoor growing site.

Can I Use Any LED Light as a Weed Grow Light?

● They can require large boards of LEDs due to their relatively low power.