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how people get caught growing weed indoors

How people get caught growing weed indoors

Note: Smells are usually more intense when the environment gets hot and humid.

There are benefits to both of these growing methods, but when it comes purely to stealth, indoor growing is the way to go. Indoors, you can completely control smell and sound, plus your plants are out of view. Outdoor growing has one potentially major problem that indoor growers are pretty much safe against… people wandering by. This is especially problematic when the plants are being grown on your property. Many outdoor growers have been busted by nosy neighbors, city/utility workers, or just bad weather (floods have revealed hidden outdoor grows, for example). If you can grow indoors, you’ll make yourself that much harder to find.


What tools do you need for Stealth Growing?

Low odor strains definitely aren’t fool-proof, but they can help make things easier. These are just a few examples of strains that are known to have a relatively low or neutral smell, but there are many others. Learn more about researching strains.

Growing Indoors vs. Outdoors

Important Note: Odor neutralizers with perfumes should not share the same air as your plants, meaning they shouldn’t be placed in your tent with your cannabis or the perfume smell might get onto your buds. Check out this PSA for more info.

How people get caught growing weed indoors

Ensure all water and other liquids are at a level below waist-height and that all electrical equipment is above waist-height. Clean up any spilled liquids immediately and invest in a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter. A GFCI interrupts the power when it senses a problem with your electrical flow.

Hopefully, you understand the importance of secrecy when growing weed.

For example, if you live in California, you can “cultivate, possess, plant, harvest, dry or process” a maximum of six live plants. You can also possess the “produce of the plants.” However, local governments are allowed to “impose reasonable restrictions on cultivation,” so you could still get in trouble. Not every county in the Golden State permits the sale, growth, or possession of marijuana.

Rule #6 – Thou Shalt Learn Strategic Growing & Harvesting

It is all too easy to overload your circuits when growing weed. Make sure you know how much your circuits can handle and stay well below the limit. Most indoor growers will do fine with one 600w HPS light.

It is impractical to live a Howard Hughes-like existence while waiting for the weed to harvest. However, you must lock your grow room at the very least. In what is the same principle as rule #1. You can’t allow anyone to access the marijuana site, nor can they know it is even there. It will make life a little awkward for a while, especially if you’re a social person.

In case you didn’t know, a cannabis garden emits one hell of a scent. It doesn’t even matter if your sinuses are blocked because of the flu from hell. Marijuana’s peculiar odor will make its way to your senses. Aside from a neighbor’s big mouth, the smell of the crop is probably the biggest reason for getting caught.

Rule #7 – Thou Shalt Understand Electrical Safety & Technology

It is also a fact that some strains are a lot smellier than others. We would recommend growing Ice, Blue Mystic, or Northern Lights. None of this trio smells like ‘typical’ weed. It is also important to remember that the smell gets a lot more intense at harvest time.

Also, it is federally illegal and will remain so for the foreseeable future. As a result, we urge you to check out your state’s marijuana use and growing laws.