Donald Owens
Hello friends, my name is Donald Owens. I’m a professional cannabis grower for a large dispensary in Los Angeles, California, U.S.

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Choosing the best cannabis seeds is not easy. There are so many to choose from and it can be hard to know which one will work best for you. We want to help you out by giving you some information about the different types of seed, as well as a few tips on how to grow your plants successfully. We hope this article helps you find the perfect cannabis seeds!

If you are just getting started with growing, it can be very tempting to buy the cheapest seeds possible. However, this is a mistake because just like in any other type of gardening or farming, quality will always trump quantity. For your plants to grow and thrive, they need the best cannabis seed genetics, and those come at a cost. Remember that high-quality seeds typically produce higher yields even if they take longer than cheap ones might do. It’s worth spending some money on premium options!

Types Of Seed: When choosing which type of weed seed to use there are two main choices available – feminized or regular cannabis seeds? Feminized means that each plant has been bred so only female plants produce buds. This is the best choice for growers who want to avoid wasting time and energy on male plants because they do not produce any usable marijuana!

Regular cannabis seeds will in turn result in a mix of female and male plants, so you’ll have to deal with pollination if that’s something you’re familiar with. You also may find that regular seed genetics are cheaper than feminized alternatives, which could be appealing when you’re looking at your budget.

When To Plant Your Weed Seeds: Late spring or early summer would be the perfect time for planting weed seeds outdoors or indoors depending on where you live geographically. If it isn’t yet warm enough outside then try starting them inside – just make sure there is plenty of light available!

How To Germinate Weed Seeds:

– Fill up a glass jar with water

– Add the weed seeds and wait for them to absorb enough H20 that they’re floating on top of it (this could take anywhere from 24 hours to several days)

– Once your seed has floated, cover the mouth of the jar so there’s no air leakage. Make sure you always keep this covered or else mold will form!

Eventually, these little guys will start sprouting tiny roots – just make sure you have some soil waiting in line because once they emerge from their container, they’ll need an ample amount of dirt to grow well! Follow those steps carefully and watch out for any changes in temperature as time goes by…you can also use a heating pad to maintain the desired temperature for your seed.

If you are growing marijuana indoors, it’s best to make sure that there is plenty of light and air circulation (it can’t be too hot or else they will dry out). Be sure not to overstimulate them with nutrients either – plant food should only be used when needed. Don’t forget about the water! Cannabis plants need more water than other plants because they’re so lush and full of life; if you want strong roots then you’ll have an ample supply nearby at all times as well. Lastly, remember that these little guys soak up everything around them so quality soil is just as important as any other aspect in this process.

How to Pick the Best Cannabis Seeds: There are a few things you want to be aware of when making your purchase. When selecting cannabis seeds, it’s best to look for reputable companies that offer organic materials and high-quality standards as well as low prices on their products. You also want to make sure they have refrigerated shipping methods in place (it will keep them fresh longer). It’s important not only that the company grows good cannabis but is knowledgeable about how much light and air circulation each plant needs throughout its growth cycle – too little or too much can be detrimental! They should also provide free samples with every order just so you know what you’re getting yourself into before fully committing. Finally, check out reviews from other customers to see if their experience resembles yours.

Best Cannabis Seed Reviews:

Legit Genetics – Legit Seeds are bred for the most discerning growers and the cannabis seeds they offer will help you produce top quality plants with amazing yields, including some of our favorite strains like Grape Ape and Kinky Kush

Rocky Mountain Highs – This company is one of those we mentioned earlier that does not require you to sign up to review their products. They have a large selection so it’s easy to find what fits your needs best! Plus, each seed comes vacuum-sealed in a foil pack just in case there might be any moisture that could ruin them during shipping. One thing this company doesn’t mention on their site is the potency, so you’ll have to contact them for more information.

Growers Resource – This company has a section of its website specifically for marijuana enthusiasts looking to buy cannabis seeds online. They sell seeds with higher THC levels than other companies and also offer live plants! Plus, they are one of the few who offer feminized seeds which means females will all grow into female plants (although it’s not always 100% accurate). The shipping is discreet and many customers said they were happy that there was no minimum order size because this made buying in bulk possible.

Loud Seeds – Another company whose homepage features strains like Alien Rock Candy, Chocolope, Haze Berry, Sour Diesel OG Kush among others. We contacted Loud Seeds and they told us that their seeds were “the best of the best” because their company has been breeding cannabis strains for over 20 years. They also have a huge variety of feminized seeds (over 30) which is great for those who want to grow female plants only!

Note: We contacted Loud Seeds and they told me what makes them special, like how they’ve been in business for more than two decades or how there are lots of consistently feminized marijuana varieties on offer.

In conclusion…

There’s no one perfect seed bank – instead, you need to find the right bank with the specific genetics and species diversity needed by your area. But if we had to pick one, it would be Loud Seeds due to their excellent customer service, quality genetics, and variety of options.