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how to get into growing weed legally

How to get into growing weed legally

Date: September 15, 2021
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Medical marijuana patients 18 years and older will be able to grow up to 3 mature and 3 immature plants at home starting October 1, 2021, with a cap of 12 total plants per household. All adults over age 21 will be able to grow under the same rules starting July 1, 2023. Plants must be grown indoors and must not be visible from the street. People who choose to grow their own plants must do so in their primary residence and where individuals under 21 can not access the plants.

Can I grow cannabis at home?

How to get into growing weed legally

Adriana: We just come down here to the very bottom of the plant, chop it off, and then we’ll hang this up here. We have to individually weigh every single plant according to the tag number that we got. I’ll read him the tag — 05579 — Weigh this — 183 grams — and then go onto the next one. It’s a pretty tedious process, but for regulations, we have to do it.

Adrian: Our average order is over $100, so that just wouldn’t make any sense.

Nancy: When you start having these variations in every single market, that’s where it becomes extremely costly.

Narrator: Adrian again lobbied and got the limit raised to $3,000.

Jeannette: Specifically to build intergenerational wealth for the communities most harmed by the war on drugs. Those two things come together, a high capital-intensive business, and then the lack of personal capital, personal wealth. And it’s a hard place to start for a Black founder in cannabis.