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how to get weed seeds to sprout fast

How to get weed seeds to sprout fast

Seedlings intended for indoors may emerge into an artificially lit environment with no problems. If using HID lighting, seedlings should be kept a minimum distance of 50 to 80cm from the bulb. If using fluorescent light, seedlings can be kept a normal distance from the tube/bulb.

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Step 2. Germination – How to germinate cannabis seeds

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Step 4. The seedling stage – How to germinate cannabis seeds

This article explains how to correctly germinate your cannabis seeds, covering everything from optimum temperatures, to potting your seedlings and transferring them outdoors (or inside under lights).

How to get weed seeds to sprout fast

Here’s a picture showing several healthy and viable cannabis seeds

Supplies Needed

Some growers like to put seedlings in solo cups and then into their final container. When done right this can increase the rate of growth by providing more oxygen to the plant’s roots. If you go that route, I recommend paper cups as they’re not as bad for the environment.

3.) Germination

Two Main Goals