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how to grow a weed plant in a solo cup

How to grow a weed plant in a solo cup

Thanks for sending this in, these little bunnies are enchanting!

One seedling did not make it lol. This was the result of heat plus overwatering.

They all tended to stay small because their roots were constricted

The Solo Cup Challenge

Here were some of their brethren that were germinated at the same time but put in normal plant pots and given access to a real grow light. Look what happens when you give cannabis plants room for their roots to grow!

P.S. And who doesn’t like bunnies! (pics taken with a zoom and they were left undisturbed so there wouldn’t be a risk momma would reject them)

Here’s my first attempt at the solo cup challenge, circa 2010. All of these plants were given a 12/12 light schedule from seed to get them to start flowering (making buds) as soon as possible.

I got over an ounce from these little “trash plants”

Then I forgot about the solo cup challenge for many years…

How to grow a weed plant in a solo cup

These Black Widows clones were put under 12 and 12 as soon as they rooted. Not exactly a 12-12 from seed scenario, but the idea is the same. Wonderful results btw.

Growing Weed on 12/12 From Seed: Right Reasons and Wrong Ones

There is one more aspect of growing weed 12 12 from seed that we have briefly touched upon when talking about bag seeds and regular seeds. Here it goes.


The 12/12 from seed to harvest method is a bit outdated, but still has its uses. In this article you can learn everything about yields, pot size and plant size, flowering time — in short, all that you can expect when running 12/12 from seed in your grow.