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how to grow blue cheese weed

How to grow blue cheese weed

Flowering time: 7-8 weeks

Strain overview: Blue Cheese is a heavy indica strain that was created by crossing UK Cheese and Blueberry. The strain offers a funky cheese-like aroma combined with a unique blueberry scent. It’s a potent strain commonly used by medical patients for pain management.

Climate: Prefers cool to moderate temperatures between 65 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Yield: Moderate

How to grow blue cheese weed

However, for some advanced smokers, it could just be a super chill high with a mild euphoria.

That said, generally speaking, you can expect Blue Cheese to hit you with a mix of relaxing and potently euphoric effects. Blue Cheese has a reputation for being a hard-hitting indica, which people associate with pain management.

Leafly reviewer E. t suggests it may be both, starting in the head, ending in the body. “Blue cheese is such a great daytime smoke. You feel it first cover your head in a warm blanket, you start to feel it slowly wrapping your whole body into a euphoric mellow high which is absolutely great because this Strain is easy to work with anywhere! I could be anywhere high on blue cheese and could handle myself easily without monging out like many strong Indica's do to me haha!”

How does the Blue Cheese strain smell and taste

A Google search of Blue Cheese reviews provide a variety of opinions on the subject. Strains database AllBud suggests that the Blue Cheese effects are primarily in the body. Their site says the high is a mix of joy and euphoria with deep-body relaxation and that “the indica is very apparent in the body high.”

That means if you’re smoking flower, try it from a bowl before you roll a blunt; or if you’re using concentrates, perhaps hitting a vape pen before taking a full dab.

All in all, the range of effects in so many reviews shows that the way people feel after consuming Blue Cheese varies a lot from person to person. The best way to know the experience it brings you is to give the cultivar a shot and see what happens.

What do Blue Cheese effects feel like

Weedmaps reports Blue Cheese’s top three effects as: relaxed, happy, and uplifted. Leafly suggests that Blue Cheese’s average effects are middle of the road and lean more towards calming than energizing, with relaxed, happy, and sleepy. Additionally, though very subjective, some consumers have suggested that Blue Cheese is a great strain for arousal/sex.

Way of Leaf states that Blue Cheese is a good strain for beginners to grow because it is mold-resistant, so that removes a huge variable from the growing process. It is considered an indica, so you’d expect the plants to have a short and bushy structure, but the plant might actually stretch in height.