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how to grow butterfly weed from seed

How to grow butterfly weed from seed

The most popular form of butterfly weed plant is the orange milkweed variety, but it actually comes in several pretty shades including:

Is Butterfly Weed Hard to Grow?

It has become so popular among North American gardeners and monarch butterflies!

Growing Butterfly Weed From Seed Outdoors

Is butterfly weed invasive?

How to grow butterfly weed from seed

Butterfly weed and milkweed seed pods may be harvested and planted to support Monarch butterfly caterpillars. Butterfly weed grows well from seeds, which must be harvested in late summer and either sown immediately in the garden, or started in spring after a lengthy chilling process. The seeds are viable and will germinate with little care, although they must be planted at the appropriate depth to ensure successful sprouting.

Before you begin to harvest the butterfly weed pods, sterilize your cutting tools. Dip the blades into a full-strength household cleanser, such as Lysol or Pine-Sol. Repeat between cuts to prevent the spread of diseases.

Leave the bucket outdoors for two or three days to let the fluff blow away. Stir the seeds occasionally to loosen more fluff. Do not worry if some of the fluff remains, since it won’t inhibit the germination process.