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how to grow cannabis in a tent

How to grow cannabis in a tent

If you’re growing weed in a tent, buying a pre-made kit is much more expensive than trips to the hardware and hydroponic stores. You can build a tent yourself out of PVC, panda paper, and duct tape. In addition, most hydroponic stores sell six-foot adhesive zippers. You can use these to make a door in one of your panda paper walls. This will probably cost about half as much as much as a kit, if not less.

Buy or Build

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Other Gear When Growing in a Tent

Space is usually restricted in most cannabis grows. This can be especially true when growing weed in a tent. For most home grows, having a tent that’s about four-square-feet is recommended. Sometimes, you can even go a little bigger if you have more room. In addition, height is usually a limiting factor in cannabis grows. I’m a tall guy, so I like to have my tent taller than six feet. No matter how tall your tent is, remember that you always want to keep your light source 18 inches from your canopy. So plan accordingly!

How to grow cannabis in a tent

Save Money – No Tent Needed

The frame is made from metal and is easy to set up through snaps and connectors.

Easy to use

The tent has windows for observation, along with ventilation and duct holes. It is also comes equipped with a removable floor tray, which is both waterproof and easy to clean.

This grow tent uses 600D Oxford cloth. The lining is made of mylar, which is 100% reflective. TopoGrow grow tents are popular because they make it easy to manage marijuana plants at different stages of development.

Choosing the Right Grow Tent

Growing marijuana in a grow tent is an affordable way to create a dedicated growing space. The tents are also easy and quick to set up. The price of an average grow tent ranges from $70 to $150. Compare that to setting up a complicated system that will ultimately end up running up your electric bill and possibly drawing unwanted attention to you and your garden.