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how to grow deep water culture cannabis

How to grow deep water culture cannabis

A time-tested, simple nutrient system for growing marijuana hydroponically is the General Hydroponics Trio.

Now that you’re all set to go, you should make start trying to make it a habit to check on your plants regularly, daily is best!

These powerful lights are pretty much seen as the golden standard for indoor growing lights. They will definitely give your plants what they need to grow huge, but they also make a lot of heat and can dramatically raise your energy bill depending on where you live.

White, flour like substance appearing on leaves:
Most likely white powdery mold. You can make a foliar spray with SM-90 that takes care of that pretty quickly. To prevent a re-occurrence of white powdery mold, increase circulation in the grow area by having a fan or two in the area, control high humidity, and ensure that the temperature of the grow area doesn’t climb above a comfortable room temperature.


Leaves turn brown on tips and edges; leaves curl down on tips:
Too much nutrients; change water and add less nutrients.

There are many lights to choose from and a large number of ways to hang them.

Over the years I’ve learned exactly what you need to do to get consistently great results (as well as what doesn’t work), so I decided it’s time to pass the knowledge on!

Bubbleponics Materials – Supply List

This complete nutrient system can be used in any cannabis growing medium, including hydroponics, coco coir, and even soil. The Flora series works amazingly well for growing cannabis, without needing a lot of fuss.

How Much Nutrients To Use:
The nutrients that you purchase will most likely come with a feeding schedule, and I would recommend treating that amount as a maximum.

How to grow deep water culture cannabis

The container is often simply a deep bucket (hence the name, DWC) which is often black in colour. The absence of light keeps dreaded slime and algae to a minimum. One plant can comfortably fill the typical 15-20 litre DWC bucket full of cannabis roots by the end of the grow. A healthy root ball is a huge white mass of roots.

The main attractions of growing DWC cannabis are the fast growth rates and huge yields that are potentially on offer when DWC is done well. For those that delight in the joy of growing their own cannabis, there is an undeniable satisfaction that comes from seeing a successful DWC grow really push the cannabis plant right to it’s limits.

Growing cannabis in DWC system

But for someone that has only grown in soil before there are some undeniable added new complexities to consider. You will need a, perhaps slightly noisy, air pump to feed the DWC air stone and you may need to discover the joy of owning and calibrating pH and EC meters for the first time.

The benefits of growing cannabis with DWC

A DWC cannabis grow comes in many different styles and adaptations. However the common theme is that the roots are immersed in a bath of nutrients at an optimum pH, often around pH 5.8. Normally cannabis roots left in water/nutrients would eventually rot. But the presence of bubbling air (e.g. from a DWC air stone, connected to an external air pump) provides the roots the oxygen they need to grow with great vigour.