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how to grow good weed in a closet

If you are using hydroponics, it’s necessary to monitor the pH level of the water. Most tap water is acidic or alkaline; what you are looking for is a neutral pH. You can also neutralize the water by letting it stand for three days before using it.

 During the first weeks of life, seedlings can grow well even with low light intensity.

Growing Marijuana In A Closet Or Bedroom Is Not Hard

 Not everyone has the luxury of a large grow area in their homes. But even if all you have is closet space, guess what, there’s hope for you too! All you need is a grow tent or grow box, which come in many different sizes to accommodate the growth of a single plant and more. Grow boxes usually come equipped with their own hydroponic and light system already set up.

 Before you buy a seed, know first if you want to choose a sativa or indica strain. It’s recommended to start with feminized seeds which have been chemically treated to grow female plants so that you don’t have to worry about tossing the male plants and sexing them later on. Auto-flowering cannabis seeds are also another great choice for indoor growing since they are not as light-dependent as other varieties. No matter how much light you give these seeds they will flower after some time. However the plants that grow from auto-flowering seeds tend to be smaller so these are ideal if have a small grow space.

Follow our expert tips on help you grow some good weed indoors.

There are basically three kinds of LED lights. These include purple LED lights, COB (Chip on Board), and Spread Style. For only growing weed in your closet at home, a purple light will be the best option. COB and Spread Style can be very pricey and are more geared towards professional growers. If you’re only growing weed for yourself, a purple light will do just fine. Many of these lights can be used for both the flowering and vegetative stages.

Growing cannabis in your closet is a great way to find a deeper appreciation and connection with the plant, and it also saves you a lot of money in the long run and is easy too.

Ever thought of growing cannabis inside your own house? Here is my quick guide to read when starting out.


All you need to do is make sure that you have a proper medium, adequate lighting and good ventilation to keep your cannabis plants happy and healthy while they are growing.

There are specific ways in which you can cultivate weed indoors and the following guide will give you more information on how to do so.

A Thermometer

Almost anyone can do it, and if done correctly, imagine never having to go to a dispensary again? Not that we’re hating on dispensaries, many of them are awesome. However, think of all the travel and wait time, and how pricey they can be.

Mirrors are very helpful for growing in your closet. Simply place a mirror around the bottom of the cannabis pots. The light reflecting from the bottom will help your buds to receive all the light they need, and you’ll likely produce a much better harvest than you would have without one.