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how to grow hydro weed at home

How to grow hydro weed at home

Many companies sell hydroponic nutrient solutions that are specifically designed for certain stages of growth. Nitrogen-rich nutrient solutions will be used in the vegetative stage while phosphorus-rich nutrients become more necessary in the flowering phase.

Another common measurement used is ppm (parts per million) which is another way of looking at how nutrient-dense your solution is. There are two different scales for ppm used in the cannabis industry: the 500 and the 700 scale. The most efficient way to determine ppm is to take an EC reading, multiply it by either 500 or 700 depending on the scale you are using. An EC reading of 2.0 would equal either 1,000 ppm (500 scale) or 1,400 ppm (700 scale). Many readers used to measure EC or ppm will do this conversion for you.

Nutrients will come either pre-mixed in a solution or in powder form. While powder form might be cheaper and less bulky, it is best to stick with liquid pre-mixed nutrients if you are a small-time grower as they mix with water easily and are more forgiving.

Browse Hydroponic Growing Supplies

There are numerous setups for growing hydroponically with varying benefits that were discussed previously here. And while there are several types of hydroponic setups that don’t use any type of growing medium at all, many of them still use some sort of substrate to support root growth.

Once you have gathered your materials you can begin to construct your hydroponic setup.

Nutrients for Hydroponic Cannabis

First we will start with the supplies needed. Keep in mind this is just an example, and depending on your space and desired results, many things can be tweaked in a hydroponic system to make it most beneficial to you. This list specifically outlines equipment needed to install your hydroponic system and does not include lights, fans, filters, and other basic needs for any grow room.

Note what scale the nutrients you are using are based upon before making any nutrient solutions.

How to grow hydro weed at home

The pH level of your nutrient solution shouldn’t exceed 6.0 for a cannabis plant. You can go up and down by 0.2 but anything beyond that can harm your boo.

A grow table collects the unabsorbed water from the plants, returning it to the reservoir through the dripper. Hence, your grow table should have a low-point where the dripper will be located to pass out all the excess water.

You might have studied in your botany classes that chlorophyll contains Magnesium, and that makes complete sense now.

The next element, Phosphorus helps the plants to convert solar energy (light energy, if your plants are indoors) into chemical energy. It further increases the immune system of the plant and is essential during the flowering stage.

Microelements or Trace Elements

Your plants will require Nitrogen during the vegetative phase of growth and, it can be in the ratio of 20-20-20 or 12-6-6 with additional microelements.

Step 1: Prepare the reservoir

Since every element is given in different amounts to the plants, it’s crucial to keep a quantity check on the solution.

The Setup

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Nitrogen is one of the most essential elements of all. It helps building enzymes, proteins, and chlorophyll in the cannabis plants. Chlorophyll is further responsible for photosynthesis that helps the plant to grow.