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how to grow marijuana inside without lights

It’s also a good idea to have oscillating fans to provide a constant breeze in your grow room as it will strengthen your plants’ stems, making them stronger and healthier.

Getting the right climate for your plants can be a delicate balance involving multiple pieces of equipment and also lots of electricity. This is part of what makes growing weed indoors more expensive than growing outdoors.

Air circulation

Different lights produce different colors of light. Here’s a brief rundown of the most popular types of cannabis grow lights used for indoor growing.

When starting with clones or seedlings, you’ll want to check your plants every day because they’re delicate and sensitive to environmental conditions. You may need to adjust temperature and humidity levels in your indoor grow space at first to hit the sweet spot for your plants.


You’ll need to ensure that temperatures remain within a comfortable range for your plants, between 70-85°F when lights are on and between 58-70°F when off. Some varieties of cannabis—generally indicas—prefer the colder side of the range, while others—typically sativas—are more tolerant of high temperatures.

How to grow marijuana inside without lights

When growing outdoors is not an option, greenhouses are one of the most obvious methods of growing indoors, and there’s much to be said for these stand-alone structures. In many ways, they capture the best of indoor and outdoor cultivation.

Conservatory, Solariums and Sunrooms for Growing Weed

Heat and humidity management will also be a major concern for window sill growers. Some window sills have heaters and radiators under them adding extra heat to the budding marijuana plant. Growers can select containers with water reservoirs to ensure the plant is well hydrated.

Bay Windows and Window Sills For Growing Weed

Patios with translucent roofs are another ideal location for growing cannabis without lights. These areas usually have concrete or brick floors, which are great surfaces for regular water, cleanup and general maintenance of cannabis plants. Having a roof over the plants provides them limited protection from the elements, but definitely shields them from two big dangers: heavy rainstorms and hail damage.

How to grow marijuana inside without lights

This is normal, so do not panic and give them more nutrients. They do not need them and the nutrients will only harm the flavor of your bud.

This does depend on the strains, though. If the strain is labeled as short, you can expect it to not double in size during flowering. If it is labeled as tall, you can expect it to more than double in size.

Left on their own, they will grow tall and end up in a Christmas tree shape. This is not ideal, because it means one large bud at the top and not much else.

Method 1: Check the Pistils

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You don’t need a powerful LED grow light during this stage, but you can use it. Just hang it higher, to keep from harming the delicate seedlings.

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Vegging Your Cannabis Plants

Marijuana plants also need a lot more light during bloom, so you want to make sure you give them what they need. Powerful LED grow lights are best, but I also highly recommend CMH lights.

Once your marijuana plant grows its first set of regular leaves (i.e. not the seedling leaves), it has officially entered the vegetative stage.