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how to grow marijuana legally in nevada

How to grow marijuana legally in nevada

Probably not for growing a small amount, but it is a gray area. Aliens who have been arrested should seek legal counsel from an attorney right away to discuss their options for safeguarding their resident status. Learn more about the criminal defense of immigrants in Nevada. 7

While Nevada’s deserts may be known for their heat, residents know that during the winter things can get very cold, especially at night. If you leave your child unattended in a car when it’s extremely cold, you could face Nevada criminal charges. “Knowingly and Intentionally” Leaving a Child Unattended in a Car is a Crime .

¿Habla español? Obtener información acerca de las leyes de Nevada para el cultivo de marihuana.

The punishment for committing one of these offenses increases with each successive conviction: 4

6. Related offenses

Note that growing 50 lbs or more of marijuana is automatically prosecuted as trafficking, which carries much harsher penalties and steep fines. 3

Recreational growers face prosecution for either of the following acts:

Note that Nevada law enforcement often learns of illegal marijuana growers by satellite images showing greenhouses or by unusual electricity usage. When prosecuting cultivation cases, the D.A. often presents photographs of the plants and lab results confirming that the specimens are indeed marijuana.

Legal References:

And cardholders may not possess more than 12 marijuana plants, mature or immature. 2

The specific penalties depend on the circumstances:

Cannabis remains illegal under federal law, where it’s still classified as a controlled substance. The differences between Nevada and federal laws can lead to challenges in knowing how and where the different laws apply. Consult with legal advisers to be sure you fully understand how federal, state, and local laws may affect you. Below is some general information about the possible federal implications of cannabis use.

The following rules apply:

Property Owners

Learn more about marijuana (cannabis) and driving from Zero Fatalities. (clicking this link will direct you away from the CCB site)

If you live in federally subsidized housing, cannabis charges may jeopardize your federal housing benefit. For more information, contact the Nevada Housing Division. (clicking this link will direct you away from the CCB website)

Driving and Cannabis

This section of the site covers what is legal – and what’s not legal – in Nevada. Learn the laws about: possession and consumption of cannabis, growing at home, and minors under 21 years of age. This section also covers information about property owners and employers, and some possible federal implications of cannabis use.