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how to grow medical cannabis for dispensaries

If these transactions are both common and federal crimes, how can they take place? The answer may trace back to August 29, 2013, with the issuance of the Cole Memorandum.

Tiger says that part of the application process for home cultivation is showing a diagram of what your home cultivation center will look like. “It’s not like a super extensive requirement. We’re not talking about an engineered drawing — we’re talking about something you can sketch out with a pen and paper.”

But again, it happens. “If you look at common practices in other states, you see where this type of transaction happens all the time,” said Tiger. “I don’t hear a lot of people getting in trouble about it, and I would never want to advise someone to do something that could get them in trouble, but I would just say look at what is in play in other states and that’s probably the place to start.”

Another option is available though, to those who are approved.

“If a person was looking at where to start and they just started with a simple Google search for instance — that says ‘how to get cannabis seeds in South Dakota’, companies will pop up,” said Tiger. “They’re going to have information for you to take a look at. That’s about as far as I can really tell anybody at this point.”

Due to the federal illegality of interstate transport of marijuana, there is no official voice who will tell you how to get your own product. In the absence of such a voice, Tiger recommends reaching out to our old friend; the internet.

For some answers, KELOLAND News turned to Liz Tiger, Northern Hills Coordinator for New Approach South Dakota, a group dedicated to cannabis reform in South Dakota.

Tiger asked to clarify that she is an advocate, not an attorney and her advice on home cultivation does not constitute legal advice.

It’s just one of those murky waters. You don’t want to incriminate anybody; you don’t want to do anything that’s going to get you into trouble. Liz Tiger

How to grow medical cannabis for dispensaries

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