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how to grow medical weed in florida

How to grow medical weed in florida

Every day, the OMMU works to provide qualified patients, caregivers and physicians the information and resources they need to access Florida’s medical marijuana program.

The Office of Medical Marijuana Use (OMMU) is moving forward with administrative rulemaking to establish an application process to award up to 19 Medical Marijuana Treatment Center (MMTC) licenses. The OMMU is not accepting applications at this time. The OMMU will publish any application rule and date the OMMU will begin accepting applications in the Florida Administrative Register.

The OMMU offers many resources for physicians who are authorized to order low-THC cannabis and medical marijuana in Florida.

Working to protect, promote and improve the health of all people in Florida through integrated state, county and community efforts.

Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers

Florida’s Official Source for Responsible Use.

Medical marijuana and low-THC cannabis are available in Florida for qualified patients. Learn the steps to treatment.

Licensed medical marijuana treatment centers (MMTCs) are the only businesses in Florida authorized to cultivate, process and dispense low-THC cannabis and medical marijuana.


The OMMU also writes and implements the Department of Health’s rules for medical marijuana; oversees the statewide Medical Marijuana Use Registry; licenses Florida businesses to cultivate, process and dispense medical marijuana to qualified patients and certifies marijuana testing laboratories to ensure the health and safety of the public as it relates to marijuana.

Kim Rivers, the CEO of Trulieve, says she’s not taking her eye off the country’s third-largest market, even though it expanded to West Virginia and Georgia and announced a $2.1 billion merger with Arizona-based company Harvest. Trulieve boasts the most dispensaries in the state, currently at 92 locations.

Earlier this year, Ayr Wellness closed on a deal to buy Liberty Health Sciences’ operations in Florida in an all-stock deal valued at more than $400 million. Jonathan Sandelman, the chairman and CEO of Ayr, says that he decided to enter the Florida market for a couple of reasons, but he believed if his company didn’t move quickly, it would’ve missed an in opportunity in one of the country’s strongest markets.

Rivers says her competitors have been aggressively waging a price war, which she doesn’t think is sustainable. Rivers says Trulieve has been competing with prices but noted it’s not a blind race to bottom.

Joe Bayern, the company’s CEO, said during the same earnings call that Florida is getting more competitive. “We want to make sure that we’re preparing ourselves to compete as effectively as possible,” said Bayern.

Big Bud: Trulieve has been selling an average of a ton—32,000 ounces—of cannabis flower per week in 2021.

“If you look at Florida, given the limited licenses and the requirement that companies need to be vertically integrated, it was set up to be a battleground state for the U.S. multi-state operators,” says Cobb.

“I decided that there’s going to be a Florida land grab,” he says. “I don’t believe every town is going to have ten marijuana stores. It’s unlikely, right? So, I said to my team, we got to move now.”

“Florida is where we were founded and where our headquarters has always been, and we’re certainly continuing to focus on Florida,” Rivers says. “And we are continuing to invest in infrastructure in Florida, and we’ll continue to do so . . . ”