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how to grow purple haze weed

How to grow purple haze weed

If you are concerned about shocking your Purple Haze crop and inhibiting growth, then try Low-Stress Training (LST). It consists of bending stems gently and tying them in place to alter the plant’s shape.

As a general rule, ignore the feeding recommendations on store-bought nutrients. Begin with no more than 50% of the dose written on the package, and monitor your plants. Unless you spot signs of nutrient deficiencies, there is no need to increase the dosage.

However, it is a risky endeavor because it involves exposing your cannabis to cold nighttime temperatures. Other growers also increase the daytime temperature to ensure there is a massive difference between day and night.

4 – Need Bigger Yields? Manipulate Plant Structure

Legend has it that Jimi Hendrix popularized the strain in his Purple Haze song. However, there is a strong suggestion that he was referring to the LSD of the same name. Hendrix later said that the song was inspired by a dream where he was walking under the sea. This notion may have been influenced by “Night of Light,” which is a science fiction novel by Philip Jose Farmer.

As neem oil and water separate easily, you can combine the two and mist the leaves your plants evenly.

With Nutrients, Less Is Often More

You can also make a mixture of vegetable oil and soap, and spray it on infested leaves of your Purple Haze plants.

The marijuana strain Purple Haze seemingly originated in Colombia, where it was taken and standardized from the Haze strain. Purple Haze is famous for the color it produces when exposed to extremely low temperatures in the flowering stage.

How to grow purple haze weed

Purple haze even does good on the cooler nights up in the northern temperatures. The most beneficial temperatures where it thrives is between 65 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Even though purple haze tends to do better when grown outside, it still does fairly well when grown indoors.

Purple haze is a traditional strain of sativa cannabis that was made known to many people around the world by Jimi Hendrix. It has been said to be a mixture of Purple Thai and Haze. The high produced from purple haze is more of an energetic and euphoric type of high. It tastes sweet and a little on the fruity side. Purple haze seeds are easy to come by and very popular.

Purple haze is luckily a hardy strain of cannabis. Even the beginner grower can easily produce it. It’s suggested to start it outdoors with good and healthy soil, or you can also grow it hydroponically. To keep it nicely shaped, ensure to prune the upper regions of the plant. Doing so will keep the colas well developed. Even though purple haze is called purple, it doesn’t always contain purple buds. If you want a more purple looking weed, you can always lower the temperature of the room you’re growing in, or you can grow it outside as well. It takes around 8-9 weeks to flower and has a pretty high yield.

Feed it a little every now and then when it is flowering and to increase for a bigger yield, add the phosphorus.