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how to grow quality weed with cfl

How to grow quality weed with cfl

Using CFL bulbs allows you to use daylight mimicking CFL bulbs during the vegetative stage of the plant’s life and use a softer light for the flowering cycle. You don’t want to use a soft white CFL for vegging as it is closer to the sunlight in Autumn when plants start to flower. However, if soft white is all you can find, it will still work as long as you have enough wattage to supply ample light to each plant.

CFL Light Bulbs For Growing Weed

You can grow marijuana with CFL grow light bulbs in soil or hydroponically. Regardless of the growing medium, light needs remain the same.

How To Grow With CFL

However, this doesn’t make or break your cannabis growing operation. If you don’t use a warm white CFL for flowering, you won’t ruin your marijuana. This advice is more about how to set up CFL grow lights in a perfect world.

How to grow quality weed with cfl

To all you growers on a budget: It’s possible!
by WasabiMayo

Step 2: Get Your Supplies

If you don’t have a good growing space, you can easily buy one that’s perfect for growing cannabis with great reflectivity! A 2.5’x1.5’x3′ grow tent is great for small spaces when growing cannabis with CFLs. If you have more space, a larger grow tent model will give you a lot more flexibility as far as accessing your plants and being able to arrange your lights. These grow tents are optimized to be as reflective as possible, which increases your yields with the same grow lights.

As your plant grows, be aware of the height. For any stems that are taller than the rest, gently bend them down and away from the center of the plant until they’re at the same level as the others, securing them down with twisty ties, like this:

The soft white 2700k colored bulbs have more reds/yellows that help your plant “get in the mood” for making buds

I’m still not sure which grow lights to get… You may be interested in this discussion on the pros and cons of CFLs vs other grow lights for a small space Learn more about CFLs vs other popular types of cannabis grow lights

Over the years I’ve seen many creative solutions for setting up CFLs above cannabis plants indoors! A large part of using CFLs is improvising ways to get them in a proper position close to your plants!

Give Buds Intense Light – In the flowering stage, make sure that buds get direct access to intense light & keep CFLs as close to buds as possible without burning them (this will dramatically increase yields with CFLs). Pay close attention to making sure bulbs are close but not too close in the flowering stage.

Even if you choose not to train your plants, keeping your CFLs close will dramatically increase your yields compared to keeping them further away!